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I read through every single letter, over and over again. Each letter, you could see the growing madness, the obsession he had with Harry’s mother. Everything she said was true, at the same time, the love he had for Harry was so strong. It was strange. I found photos of his mother and Harry from when he was young, and odd little trinkets mixed in. I had to find out more, and I knew the answer was somewhere in his father’s bedroom.

“I’m craving something sweet,” I half whispered. The clues were at a standstill, we weren’t sure where to go next. We had been spending our time at his house, just being with one another. He was tense all the time, I knew he was so sad he never got the truth, he hadn't solved the treasure hunt yet. I felt guilty not telling him, but I had to be completely sure I had all the answers before I dropped such an awful bomb on him. 

“Me too, I’ll run and grab ice cream?” he asked. “You can hang here.” He kissed my nose, leaving me alone in the house. I heard his truck roar to life and drive away. I jumped up and hurried to his dad’s room, unlocking it quickly. I didn’t know where to start. I dug through the bottom dresser drawers, nothing. I went to his desk, nothing. I started in the closet, and found a stack of letters in a black bag.

“Yes,” I breathed out, and grabbed as many as I could shove in the waist band of my jeans, and hide under my coat. I put it all away, and locked up.

“I got chocolate and vanilla.” He said when he entered.

“Actually, I’m so sorry, m-my mom called. I have to come h-home.”

He frowned, he sensed my panic. I was an awful lair. “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah, of course, I-I just feel bad that you went out for ice cream and I’m ditching you.”

He smiled. “It’s fine, we can have it tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead and drove me home. I sat on my bed, and began reading through the letters. They were all to his mom, but had never been sent. There was one with a date at the start of the year that he killed himself. It was the year Anne moved back to town.

Dearest Anne,

It breaks my heart thinking that we are not together; we haven’t been for some time. I have tracked you down; time after time you have escaped me. You were always a clever girl, with a smart mouth. Our son speaks the same at times. I have found you yet again, you think it’s smart to live a few hours away in the same state, don’t you? I know I could take you back, drag you right back to this life. Yet I know you will escape again, maybe not right away, but one day. I will be dying in the coming year; I know it will finally happen. I don’t think I can bare this insanity, I can’t handle knowing you have been with other men, I can’t handle that I failed as a husband. I have to protect our son, from myself. I know I will hurt you. I know if I keep breathing, there could come a day when you won’t be. I can’t let Harry see his father hauled away in hand cuffs from hurting you.

I look at our son, and see your eyes burning into me daily. I can’t do it anymore. I want to send him to you; it may be sooner rather than later. I know Morgan will handle him, she’s terrible but I know she will step up, for some time anyway. I will watch you from afar the next few months, until it happens. Once it does, Harry will find a letter, and begin a search, he will learn who I am. I know, I see it in his eyes, he adores me. That is the ultimate treasure, what I value the most, the honest to God truth. He has gone unscathed from my behavior, but I want him to know where he comes from. I know you, and I know you will rant at him about me; you may even remove the locket I had always made you keep. Once you send him away, like I’m sure you will do, I want you to send him to my grave. That is the very last clue. I will never stop thinking of you Anne.

Forever yours,


I felt sick to my stomach. Harry had no idea that his father was so ill. He had no idea that he was… mad. He must have forgotten to send this letter, because the envelope did have a stamp on it, he must have taken his life before he had a chance to mail it. Harry’s father wanted him to know he was an abuser, that’s why he sent him to Anne. I rubbed my face, suddenly hearing a knock on my door.


“What?” I threw my blankets over the letters as my mom came inside. “What?”

“Are you okay? You’ve been awfully quiet.”

“F-Fine.” She gave me a look. “Mom… what if you had a secret, but it wasn’t really yours, it was a… family secret that belonged to someone else. It’s bad, do you tell it anyway, even though it will hurt someone?”

She thought. “Yes. It’s not your secret, and then they have the right to know. It may hurt but at least they know the truth.” I nodded. “Why?”

“Nothing, nothing, I’m just… writing an English paper. I’m going to bed.”

“All right, well, I just wanted to say hi. Sweet dreams.”

“Night mom.”

I laid in bed, unable to feel that while this wasn’t my secret, I had to see it through first. I had to know what was at that grave.

And the big twist is out! This story is close to coming to a close guys! I know this is unexpected but that was kind of the point. I hope you all vote and comment, and keep reading, thank you! 

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