Eleven: Thank God

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(I can explain the image above)
Ross' POV

It's been a month since Julius died and his funeral was yesterday. (Y/n) has been so sad and it truly brakes my heart to see her like this. "Max what should I do? (Y/n) has been so down ever since her brother died" I asked. "Well you could buy her something, I-idk I'm not good at being nice to people" Max answered. "You just gave me an idea" I said running off.

I went to Victoria Secret and bought her the outfit she wanted (picture above,and sorry if it's not Victoria Secret) When I ran to her apartment complex her, Jess and Alesa were watching some movie.

Your POV

Alesa, Jess and I were watching Hail, Caesar! to try to cheer me up, when Ross walked in, I could see he had a VS bag in his hand. "Uh Alesa, I think I hear Adam calling you, let's go" Jess said. "Oh Uh yeah I can hear him too" Alesa said getting up and leaving.

"Ross, you made them leave,we were having a girls night" I whined. "But look what I got you!" Ross said handing me the pink striped bag. "Ross you didn't" I said taking out the pink outfit. "Go ahead try it on" Ross said. "Ross I'm not just gonna change in front out you, we may be dating but" "I mean change in the bathroom" Ross interrupted. "Oh ok" I giggled.

"What do you think?" I asked walking over to him like a model. "Wow" he gasped. "Ok I know I'm pretty but I know I'm not jaw dropping pretty" I claimed. "No you are jaw dropping pretty, your beautiful" Ross stated. "Th-thank you, I gonna change now" I said walking to the bathroom. "But you wore that for less than a minute" Ross whined. "So what?" I asked. "So maybe instead of you taking those off I can" Ross said smirking.

(Omfg I am so bad at flirting/ dirty talk its cringe worthy lol. Also I can write a lemon/smut but I didn't just in case there were young kids reading this, but if I get enough vote/requests I will do one 😊 )

I woke up the next morning and realized I was still naked so I got up and quickly got dressed and got Ross. "Ross I think that I'm just gonna stay home today, but you can go to work" I said. "You sure?" He asked. "Yeah I'm sure" I answered.

I waited until heard his footsteps get quieter to text Jess and Alesa.
You-hey guys can you come over like asap.
A-why? Like I will come over but like I just want to know why
J-sure I'll come over I just need to go to CVS first
You- oh! While your there can you get pregnancy tests
A-ohh I get it ;)
You-please just come over.

~Time Skips~

"What Is It" Alesa yelled from outside the door. "Negative " I answered opening the door. "Aww"Alesa said. "Did you want it to be positive?" Jess asked. "A little"

Oh my I'm so sorry that this was so bad.

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