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Manik's POV..
Next time I woke up when sun rays all most
pierced my eyes.
"What the--!"I shouted annoyingly hiding my
face in pillow.
"Good morning Manik..!"I heard her
sweet melodious voice and raised my head
to look at her. She was folding the curtains..!
Ahhh her morning beauty! My favorite sight!
Her dripping wet hair. The light fragrance of
her body wash! It was heaven for me! I look
at her with all love as she turned towards
"Come here..!"I called her softly and she
smilingly walked towards me..!
"How are you feeling now?"She asked
lovingly and I placed my head in her lap.
"You know whenever you smile for me na I
feel like thousands of stars twinkling
around!"I confessed sheepishly and held her
hands over my chest..
"And you know whenever you smile na!
I feel like melting away..!"She replied back as
her lips caressed my forehead. I smiled
naughtily and within seconds she was under
"Manik..! Leave me na!"She whispered as I
dug my face in her wet hair and planted a
kiss on her neck..
"Kiun?"I asked planting another kiss..
"Because I have to get your breakfast..!"She
said as now her hands traveled in my nape
"But I am not hungry for breakfast..!"I said
huskily and nibbled her earlobe lightly..
"Man-..!"Her words dug in her throat and
she gasped when I bite on her collarbone..
"Bolo na Nandini..! You were saying
something...!"I asked naughtily looking in
her eyes and she hugged me tightly..
"Bohat buray hain ap..!"She whispered
lovingly in my ear and kissed behind it..
"Acha..! Do I need to tell you how much bad
I am?"I asked caressing her hair and she
giggled..! I was about to kiss her deep when
suddenly I got the glimpse of her neck and I
got up with a jerk..
"What happened?"She asked worriedly as
she too sat beside me..
"Nandu..! These hickeys..! Why aren't they
fading away?"I asked in a doubt about the
red marks which were on her from the night
before yesterday. They should be faded away
till now..!
"Manik..! It's ok..! They will..!"She said softly
and held my hands..
"Nahi yaar..! This is no good..! I think we
should consult a doctor..!"I said nodding my
"Haww..! No..! Shh..! No..! They will fade
away..!"She almost shouted and I frowned..
"What? Why are you shouting..?"I asked in a
confused tone..
"Manik..! What will I say to doctor? When he
will ask me the reason for these marks?"She
said shyly and turned her face. I bit my
tongue and smiled. How much stupid I am..!
She didn't look at me and was about to get
up when I held her hand.
"Then let me treat it..!"I asked softly and
pulled her under me..!
"Man-Manik..! Brea-breakfast..!"She moaned
as I started licking the hickeys all over her
neck and shoulders..! The time was blissful..!
More than heaven! I gently unzipped her
kurti and her hands went to unbutton my
shirt. I was very polite this time. No hickey..!
Just kisses..! Soft kisses..! Butterfly kisses..!
"I hope I was gentle this time..!"I said softly
as I kissed away her tears and she was
smiling with close eyes..
"You were perfect..!"She whispered back and
hugged me..
"I love you so much..!"I said looking in her
eyes and she smiled..
"I know and I love you too..!"She said
kissing my forehead..! Then I kept pecking
her swollen lips and she was caressing my
hair..! We kept lying for a long time..!
"Manik..! It's very late! Get up na! You have
to take medicines!"After a long pause she
spoke softly ..
"Hmm..!"I hummed playing with her hair
and she frowned..
"Manik hmm kya hota hai? Get up..!"She
said angrily and freed herself. She sat up
gathering the blanket over her but I pulled
her back..
"Mat jaoa..!"I pleaded and closed my eyes..
"Manik..! Bus..! Bohat naughty
ho gayen hain ap..! Please..!"She too pleaded
and I opened my one eye. She was smiling at
me. "Please..! For me..!"She pleaded again
and I sighed..
"Ok..! But just for you..!"I said with a pout
and she went awe..! She instantly pecked my
"Awwwee!! This pout of yours I just love you
so so much..!"She said lovingly and hugged
me tightly while I laughed.
Nandini's POV..
I was lying his breakfast on the table as he
had asked for chicken sandwiches..!
Suddenly he came from behind and held my
stole corner..
"Manik..! Bus bhi karen..!"I showed him eyes
and he again pouted.
"Aray yaar kya hua? Tum mera har gesture
wrong sense me q laite ho?
Actually mjy towel nahi mil raha tha I want
to dry my hair..!"He complaint and rubbed
his wet hair with my stole. I sighed and took
the stole from him. I made him sit on the
chair and myself dried his hair.
"Sometimes you really act like a baby..!"I
said pulling his one ear and he made a baby
"Tou? Only you have the copyrights to show
tantrums!"He again complaint..
"Aww..! No no..! You can..!"I said lovingly
and he hugged my waist..! He nuzzled in my
stomach and I caressed his hair..
"Manik..? What happened?"I asked politely
and he look at me without breaking the hug.
"Sometimes I thought kay kassh Mom ny bhi
mery tantrums bear kiye hoty..! Bilkul
aisy jesy tum krti ho?"He spoke softly and I
bit my lower lip. Once again a guilt came
aroused in my heart!
"Manik..! Main hoon na..! Don't think about
all this..! Ab breakfast karen? Hmm?"I said
kissing his hair and he bobbed his head like
an obedient kid. I sat beside him on the
chair and he smiled at me. I gave him the
juice glass and was about to serve him the
sandwich when suddenly..
"Ewww..!"He ewed as soon as he sipped the
"What happened?"I asked holding his hand
and he place the juice glass back..
"It's so so bitter..!"He said with a bad face
and I frowned..!
"Manik it's fresh orange juice..! I myself got
this for you almost 5 minutes ago how come
it turned bitter so soon?"I asked worriedly
and sipped the juice. It was fine..! "Manik..!
It's not bitter..!"I said staring at him and he
shook his head..
"It is..! I won't drink this..! I am not
lying!"He said stubbornly and crossed his
arms on his chest with that he turned his
face just like a baby. Awe he was so cute..!
"Ohk..! I trust you..! Ap keh ray ho tou bitter
he ho ga..! Sorry baba..! Don't drink
but atleast look at me..!"I immediately
accepted my defeat and he turned his face to
me finally. I served him the sandwich and he
again look at me. "Ab kya hua Manik?"I
asked softly. He gestured towards sandwich
then to my hands and then opened his
mouth. I smiled on his action and he blinked
his eyes like a toddler! I smilingly picked up
the sandwich and started feeding him
slowly. He munched cutely and I wondered
what has gotten in to him..! It felt that we
switched roles! Always I was the one
who showed these kinda tantrums and today
he was behaving like a two year..! After a
breakfast with lots of his 'nakhras' we got
up and I made him sit in the lounge couch.
He turned on the Television and I went to
our room to get his medicines. When I came
back I saw the most adorable scene..! The
Manik Malhotra was watching Tom and
Jerry.! I held my smile back and reached
him..! I fed him medicine and without
diverting his gaze from the TV he took it..!
After I sat beside him he laid in my lap once
again attention still towards the TV..!
"Aj ap ko kya hua hai?"I asked politely
ruffling his hair and he look at me finally..
"Nothing..! I just want to enjoy..!"He said
shrugging his shoulders and I smiled.
"Acha..! Chalo ok..! Carry on..!"I said pulling
his cheek and he was back on his TV mode.
I kept caressing his hair and after sometime
I realized his even breath. It seems Manik
will gonna sleep all day! Well it's better for
him..! I wondered what if he comes to know
about his mother! I pecked his forehead and
stared at his innocent face..!
"I love you so much Manik..!"I whispered
"I love you too..!"He whispered back and I
"Shaitaan..! You are awake..!"I said angrily
and slapped his shoulder while he laughed
loudly. He held my hand and was about to
kiss my knuckle when suddenly..
"From where did you get this bracelet?"He
asked staring at that bracelet which Mom
had given me..! Shit how did I forgot to
remove it..! "This design..! It's familiar..!
When did I get you this?"He asked in a
confused tone and I thought of an excuse..!
I was about to say something when

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