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Nico di Angelo's POV

“Idiot!” Nico muttered to himself as he was carried away. Nico was currently being carried upside-down between the twin giants, Otis and Ephialtes, as they brought him to their lair.

Being a son of Hades, Nico thought he would be able to close the Doors of Death by himself. He was such an idiot to believe that. In the Underworld, Nico thought that since Hades was his father, he would be able to close the Doors of Death with no help, but as usual, it wasn’t that easy.

Hades had shown him Camp Jupiter, and that was where Nico had taken his half-sister Hazel after he found her in the Underworld’s Fields of Asphodel. When Percy arrived at Camp Jupiter—with Juno/Hera—he knew that the Prophecy of Seven was coming to pass, just like Juno/Hera had said. Nico left for the Doors of Death to try and close them at the same time that Hazel, Frank, and Percy left for their quest. Nico was such a fool.

In the Underworld, Nico found the Doors of Death, but getting to them and closing them was the hard part. They were in Tartarus, the place where even gods don’t go. Nico concluded he was sucked into a trap after it was too late, and was dragged into the the black pit. He was immediately overwhelmed by those loyal to Gaea. Her forces were the strongest there, and they captured Nico. They took him to the Doors of Death and went through to the other side, where they emerged at the House of Hades, in Greece. From there, they transported him to Rome, and handed him off to the twin giants Nico was being held by now, to be used as bait. They were going to use him to bring Hazel, Frank, Percy, Annabeth, and the other three demigods here.

When Nico got to Otis and Ephialtes’s lair in Rome, they deposited him in a bronze jar that was (if he remembered correctly) about Percy’s height, so there was a bit of breathing room for Nico, but definitely not as much as he would’ve liked. Now, he was trapped as bait.

He wished that he could communicate with them, somehow warn them that it was a trap, but even if he could, Nico knew that they would come no matter what.

Nico realized that he had barely any air in the bronze jar, and he would soon lose oxygen and die, unless he got out, or . . . No, that was too complicated. But it was Nico’s only chance if he wanted to survive until help arrived, because he knew that his friends wouldn’t give up on him.

He eventually decided to do it. He pulled out the eight pomegranate seeds he had, and prepared himself. Only children of Hades could eat the pomegranate seeds without having to stay in the Underworld forever. Nico had eight seeds, and if he ate one a day he would have eight days until help arrived, but that was if he put himself in a death trance. In a death trance Nico would be able to conserve the little air he had in the jar. It would be like he was hibernating, or in a coma. One seed a day could just barely sustain Nico while in the death trance. It was his only chance, so Nico went ahead and did it.

Nico spread all of the seeds in from of him, got in a comfortable position, and then ate the first seed. When he ate all of it that he could, he spit the seed back out, and put himself in the death trance.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, and hours turned into days. Nico only came out of the death trance a few times to eat another pomegranate seed. When he came out, he could sometimes hear the giants talking. They were using Nico as bait, just like he had already confirmed. He heard the giants say that his friends were here, falling right into their trap, just like Nico did.

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