Prologue and Epigraph

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"You idiot! How the HELL could you mess it up that badly?" The blonde-haired girl screamed at James. He cowered away. He knew what she was capable of.

"It wasn't my fault! I assumed she was going to break his heart, not transform him!" She ran over to him, at a speed that only she could run, and slapped him across the face.

"You're useless! You could have ruined the whole plan! You're just lucky that I always have a second option." She walked over to a surgical table covered with a large sheet in the corner of the room. She lifted the sheet slightly and invited James to come for a closer look.

"Oh my god. Is that..?"

"Certainly is. Took me ages to revive him. Hopefully when I pull this switch it'll all have been worthwhile." She pulled down on the switch, and waited. James looked around confused. Had it even worked? There was no flash of lightning, no explosion, nothing. Then the thing sat upright. James edged forwards for a better view, and was immediately barged out of the way.

"Can you hear me?" The thing nodded. "Do you feel your strength returning?" It raised one hand and began flexing its fingers. It picked up James and threw him through the solid brick wall.

A large smile broke out on Jenny's face.

What is good and what is evil? Sometimes it’s not as easy as you think to tell them apart…”

-          From “Return To Groosham Grange”(2003), Anthony Horowitz

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