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Ben's POV:

We arrived at the park I don't really like the has a huge lake and I can't swim. But that's not important is it?

Beauty's POV:

I made sure to sit as close as possible to dad and ben I worry way too much but there's so much that can go wrong. Anyway, I looked up at the sky it was kinda cloudy that wasn't good it practically never rained.....However that wasn't important compared to what I noticed next. It looked like dad had more than just a picnic it the basket
"Ben how about you go for a swim" dad said while smiling but it didn't look like a normal smile it looked kinda wicked like he was going to do something terrible soon I'm getting really scared now...

Ben's POV (again):

I was shocked by what dad just asked me to do. I-I can't w-what if?! But I have too right?

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