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Tonight, yes tonight. Was your night. The night you had been waiting for all your teenage years. You had finally been invited to a pool party, not any pool party. But a super hot jocks party. With booze, sex and drugs. Dressed in a skin tight, boob tube sparkled dress. It stood out all your curves. There was no such thing as a perfect body. But you were planning on showing everyone your confident, sexy ways.

Harry Styles was the name of that ‘super hot jock’ holding the party. Of course, the player always has the super rich parents who are always out of town working there asses off for money and blah, blah, blah. Tonight, Harry’s lustful, desired filled green eyes were on you.

Your POV

This fucking dress, I swear to god its half way up my arse and whoever designed the damn thing should have thought of a way to stop the sequins from scratching off your skin. And my hair, my fucking hair. Rat tails, perfect curls and now a certain disgusting body oder called sweat is bringing it down to a birds nest. And where the hell is [Y/F/N]? She was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. My first party of like ever and it’s going to ruins. Yeah, I know it’s my own fault I don’t go to enough parties. I’m not exactly socialible. You thought to yourself

A car started to pull up onto the street pavements.

Well look what bitch finally appeared in here little posh red Mini. Late, as usual.

I walked from the house, stumbling in your black 6 inch heels. I gripped your clutch as you lowered yourself into the small car.

“Hey [Y/N]!” She chorused, a wide smile on his slutty red lips.

“Late, as usual.” The first thing I said, a slight hiss.

“Well I’m sorry Miss Bitchy but I had to go buy drinks for tonight as you are forgetting that I am one year old enough to buy drinks.” She presented. Like some sort of proud Miss Universe cunt.

As the car started to drive, everything rattled. And I don’t mean the car, I mean the empty starbucks cups and McDonalds wrappers that had been laying in the glove compartment for about a month.

Finally we had arrived after about a 10 minute drive. As I said, Harry’s family are super ass rich. His house about three floors, ten bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, cinemas, bar and a fucking Olympic swimming pool.

Harry’s POV

I was awaiting the arrival of everyone. The jocks, cheerleaders, geeks and punks. I wasn’t all mean like everyone thought I was but I just really wanted everyone tonight to enjoy themselves. My parents were out of town, of course. I was kinda sick of it all the time, I hated my parents but it was fucking boring not to have them around. I was just hoping no fights would break out tonight because that’s always the way these parties seem to be ruined… Or, the other way to ruin was Marcel. Yes, my big brother Marcel.

Fuck, he was annoying. Such a little nerd. Yeah, he’s 10 years older than me, 28 years old. He still lives with his parents and has a part time job as a studio executive. My dad is always like “Oh, follow in your brothers footsteps will you?” Fuck off, that guys been bullied since 4th grade.

I heard the pitter patter of high heels heading up the driveway. As soon as I looked up my eyes lay on the most beautiful girl in our school. [Y/N]. Fuck, she was so perfect, how her hair sat perfectly, her eyes sparkled. The way her curvy body swayed. Fuck, if I could just grab her right now and do her on the front porch.

“Hey Harry!” I heard her chorus, that voice, and that smile…

“Hey babe.” I smiled in return, giving her a light kiss on the cheek. “Go ahead, everyones already arrived and going.” I stated.

Your POV

Everyone was already dancing and grinding against eachother. The music was loud and the lights were dim, it was just like a nightclub. After a few minutes, [Y/F/N] decided to go get drinks. Coming back with a red cup filled with god knows what for herself and a beer for me. She probably mixed some sort of cheap drinks together to get a shitty cocktail.

I was dancing and laughing along with [Y/F/N] a bit tipsy and intoxicated, but slightly sober. When suddenly I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and breathing at the shallow of my neck. “Hey babe.” A raspy, drunken voice whispered in my ear. None other, than Harry Styles. I swallowed lightly and leaned back into the boys tight muscular arms, inhaling his deep, sweaty, aftershaved alcohol like scent. “How about you meet me in my bedroom upstairs in about 10 minutes, hmm?” He slurred, his arms firmly around me. His muscles flexing and unflexing.

His face dipped down into the side of my neck, his lips ghosting over my skin. “Come on babe, I can tell that’s what you’ve always wanted.” He breathed, leaving a tiny peck under my ear. Before letting go of my waist and disappearing from sight.

This is what you’ve always wanted… always…

I was craving his touch, his smell, his everything.

Harry’s POV

I was drunk, so fucking drunk. But I wanted her and I wanted her now.

I was already laying on my bed, waiting for the door knob to turn. And soon enough, it did. And perfection walked in.

She didn’t say anything, just walked over and crawled onto the bed. Pouncing on me like a filthy, hungry animal.

And the kiss was too hungry, tongues on tongues. Moaning filling the room.

I put my hand on her thigh, getting ready to strip he down. Before I heard the door knob turn again. Shit. Both of our heads up.

“Harry would you please tell your friends to stop making that preposterous noise downstairs. I’m trying to do paperwork.” A very familiar voice spoke up. Well I fucking knew it. Marcel, none other than my older brother. Why can’t he be out of town as well?

“Marcel fuck off!” I exclaimed and threw a pillow at the man.

Your POV

“Well hello there, who do we have here?” I giggled, staring at the man dressed in a plaid waist coat in the doorway. He had perfectly sculpted cheekbones just like Harrys, hair parted and perfectly in shape, along with a pair of large framed glasses.

“Young lady I am Harry’s older brother Marcel Styles it is a pleasure to meet you now if you would please remove yourself from his bedroom and refrain from having unprotected sexual intercourse, that would be great.” I heard the boy speak, his slightly raspy, posh American accent ringing in my mind.

“Oh my god.” I laughed “Harry when you told me you had a big brother I didn’t expect this.” I kept laughing as Harry flashed pure red, covering his face. “I know. He’s a nerdy idiot.” He mumbled.

I leaned up and away from the boy, climbing off the bed and walked over to Marcel, tapping my finger on his chin, making him look me in the eyes.

“He’s sorta..Cute..” I whispered, seeing Marcel smile and look down, a small blush in his cheeks “Oh ma’am dear lord no, not possible.” He mumbled.

“[Y/N] don’t be so stupid. He’s 27 and a virgin. So get back into bed with me.” Harry spoke up from behind me. I slowly slid Marcel’s glasses off his face, cupping his chin again lightly. I leaned forward, letting my lips clash with the older boys. At first, he was shaky and didn’t do much. But then, his lips started to move in sync, his tongue slipping inside my mouth.

I pulled away after about a minute to gain back my breath. “[Y/N] get away from him.” Harry growled lightly. “Someones jealous.” I smirked and took Marcel’s hand, leading him over to the bed.

Marcel’s POV

Whoever this girl this girl was she was fucking amazing. Excuse my French.

I pushed her onto the bed, falling on top of her and kissing her lips passionately. I didn’t even care if Harry was here. I didn’t care if she was 10 years younger. I don’t care if I promised myself I wouldn’t do this before I’m married, but I’m doing it.

She grabbed my ass, squeezing it a little.

“Please stop, oh god.” I could hear Harry making gagging noises from the top of the bed.

I leaned away from the kiss and looked over at him “If you can’t beat’em, join ‘em.” I hinted.

Your POV

Two minutes later, clothes were sprawled out over the bedroom floor, I was between two super hot boys, both of them, hands running up and down my body hungrily.

“Are you going to be a good slut for us [Y/N], are you?” Marcel growled in my ear, grasping my waist tight. I moaned, biting my lip. My head falling back onto his shoulder. “Answer me.” He mumbled, squeezing my hip. “Y-Yes Marcel.” I squeaked.

He started to kiss down my body, leaving lovebites all the way down. I’m sorry but are you sure this man is a virgin. His kisses soon reached my inner thigh, his tongue scimming my slit, dipping into my hole ever so lightly. Of course he earned a large moan from me. Harry’s large hands worked on my breasts, his fingers tweeking my hard nipples. Marcels large tongue suddenly dove into me.

“Fuck!” I screamed out in pleasure “Oh my god!” I moaned. Marcels tongue swirled and dipped around inside me. My legs wrapped around his neck, pulling him in further.

“Cum for Marcel [Y/N], cum in his mouth.” Harry whispered filthily in my ear, biting and nipping at my neck. My body squirmed as I reached my high, cum flooding from me as Marcel lapped it up.

I felt something silky slip over my eyes, the boys racking around in the drawers. I hear some sort of packet opening. Looks like Marcel won the argument about protection. Harry’s soft hands grabbed my hips and flipped my onto the side “Trust me babe, you’re going to love it.” He whispered softly.

I swallowed thickly as I felt something cold and slippery being applied to my backside. I felt someone slowly enter me from the front, a small groan leaving his lips, it was Marcel. “Fuck, babe you’re so tight.” He grunted, burying his face in the nape of my sweaty neck. Soon, I felt something jab into me from the back, making me whimper in pain. I had never done anal before. The pain was so fucking bad, I shed a few tears. But both boy comforted me. Skin slapping sounded as each boy started to thrust into me hard from each angle. I let out huge groans and swears. Each boy was grunting, turning me on ever more. It was so fucking amazing. I felt another orgasm slowly nearing. I let out a large scream as pleasure waves through my body. And before I could even speak, or even breath. I was blacked out from all the alcohol and sex.

In the morning, I awoke tangled in white bedsheets. Harry’s hands wrapped around my waist from the front and Marcels from the back. I couldn’t help but smile, both of them were perfect.

So, who’s gonna be my boyfriend then?

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