Natalie doesn’t stop Spencer from leaving, instead she turns to Lexie with wide eyed astonishment after they are all out of ear shot. “She knows?”

            “She’s guessing,” says Lexie.  “She’s smart, much smarter than we thought.  It wouldn’t take that much research to find some connection to you and the Kindred or to me and the Kindred.  It’s not a big deal.  Rylee has been spending a lot of time in doing research, I’ll check what she’s been looking into.”

            “No, she knows.  Or her mother told her,” says Natalie.  “Jo was off hunting the Kindred…”

            “You think Jo told her?  About the people who’d have done anything to kill them and turn them to the dark side?  I don’t think so, Jo was hunting them, not us,” disagrees Lexie. 

            “She might have, to know thy enemy…”

            “Is to know thy self.  Which one do you think did that?  Rylee?  Tegan?” asks Natalie. 

“In the first half of the semester, none of them have shown any glimmers of power, and the chemistry between them isn’t anything like the chemistry that their mother’s had shared,” says a frustrated  Natalie thinks that the legacy that J*A*D*E*S has lain down is not what she thinks it should be.

            “I think Spencer; her abilities aren’t based like her mother’s, obviously.  None of them seem to have the same powers as their mothers,” whispers Natalie.

            “What about Sydney, is she alright?” asks Lexie, both women moving to the office. 

            “I think so, the thing is the gash is healing already.”

            Lexie and Natalie glance at one another.

            “Rapidly,” adds Dr. Hathaway.  The dark haired woman says to them, sliding some papers to them, photographs of the wound.  Taken twenty minutes apart, the wound already significantly smaller than before and that should have been an impossibility, since the young Doyle is HIV positive.

            The fact that Sydney Doyle has HIV had torn Natalie’s soul because she’d known Sydney’s father, Mike, since she’d been a child.  How things had spiraled out of control and these young girls should have been trained long before now.  Even the girls of J*A*D*E*S had known each other much longer than these girls had before their powers had kicked in.  That essential chemistry is lacking.  Somehow, that chemistry needs to be worked on, to be brought to light.

            “How?  I thought Darci was the healer?  Did Abigail touch her?” asks Lexie, handing the papers to Natalie.

            “No, she didn’t.  She fainted.  Spencer is the one that helped her, Spencer and Tegan.”

            “Okay, so….  We haven’t established anything.  We know that Sydney is a low grade empathic, just like her mother was, only because that’s what Mike told us,” offered Lexie.

            “I think Jo’s blood, DNA rewritten as it is, was passed along to Spencer.  She can heal, but I’m thinking there is more to it than that, a Psionic vampire perhaps.  She can rechannel human energy, that’s what might have happened tonight, sexual overload.  Something that she’s gotten from her mother, chemistry with everyone she wants to have it with.  Spencer is on the dance floor when it happened.  I think Tegan is a telepath, I can’t tell, perhaps a telekinetic like Amy is, but Amy’s family had a variety of talents.  The enchantments on the castle hinder me, but I won’t lift them to probe them more deeply.  Abigail is a totally mystery.  I think Rylee can see the future, or at least, feel things,” says Natalie.  “All of them, though, I’m sure, can cast spells, if they are taught how.”

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