[Chapter 10]

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*Perrie POV*

After a sixteen hours flight, we finally landed in Chicago. I cuddled up more in my grey paw sweather while we wait for our brother to pick us up from the airport. I can't believe we went here at the coldest month of the year, it's freezing cold that I'll turn into a ice sculpture.

"Jonnie!" Caitlin squealed, leaving us in favor of our brother. "Hey Caity." My sister melted in his embrace and they pulled me with them.

"It's nice to see you, Jonnie." I hugged wrapped my arms around his taller figure. "You too, Pez." He said while releasing us from his chest. I noticed the particular drift from his usual geordie accent, opting for more of an American influenced tone.

"Mam, I missed you." He pecked our mum's cheeks and succumbed to the warm embrace of a mother. "I've missed you too, dear."

I sat quietly in Jonnie's car as Caitlin and mum bombarded him with random questions. I looked out the window, looking at different buildings we passed.

"Where are we going?"

"We're gonna eat first, I couldn't even imagine how famish you guys must be." Jonnie said from the driver seat. "Where are going to eat then?"

"It's a surprise."


Jonnie brought us to a pizza resturant called Pizano's. Their pizza is beyond this world. I swear that it was bigger than my face.

With a heavy stomach that made me feel like a stuffed turkey, we pulled up by a building, it's interior was simple. Orange burnt clay bricks stacked together from level to level, curtain covered window supported by black metal holding them on to the wall.

I stepped out the car, my shoes walking into new territory that was still alien to me. I gathered up my luggages from the booth and waited for them to finish woth their business, sucking in the surroundings of our temporary living space.

"Perrie, come on. I'll bring you around soon. Don't worry." He set his palm on my shoulder, I decided to follow hus lead.

"Third floor." We went up to his flat, the bold 3B plate screwed into the wooden door. He fumbled with the lock before we heard a click and the door opened. The first thing I noticed was the boxes set neatly on the floor, and the white bare walls with empty frames.

"I haven't finish with my boxes. Do you guys like the new place? Took me months to find." He seemed contented with a face of great relish. "Come on, I'll show yoh to your rooms."

"Caity, I'm afraid to say that you have to share a room with Pez again."

"Is that alright?" He questioned. We nodded. "Just like old times huh?" We shot each other a look of annoyance before continuing on to follow him to our new room.

We had a pretty big bedroom, at least big enough for the both of us, our beds were far enough for me to cope with her daily stupidity. We set our boxes and luggages beside our selected beds.

"I'm gonna drive you around WickerPark tomorrow. I'll show you around your new school, and maybe teach you how to take the underground." He offered, we excited nodded. Excited by sense of adventure we were going to take for tomorrow. "Mum and I will go check on the delivery of your other stuff and the rent for this badboy. We'll be gone for a while, you guys staying here?"

"Yes please, I just want unpack and rest, I'm exhausted."

"A'right, stay safe. Don't open the door for strangers. Oh here's the wifi password." He handed a piece of paper before disappearing from our sight. We after heard muffled speaking and the door banging close.

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