Chapter 21: More Chaos

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The next day in school, I was bored out of my mind. So, I started some more 'useless shit with other people'. I told someone that Ali was sending Elena money to come back and bribe Principal Sands to let her attend the school by showing him the sex tape.

"What??" the guy looked at me.

I nodded and he told everyone. "I didn't do that!" Ali shouted.

Lauren yelled, "You're a hoe, deal with it!"

"Bitch, my name is always in your mouth, shut up!" Ali yelled.

"You used my money?!" Andrea yelled out of nowhere.

Lauren punched Ali in her lip and Andrea pulled her off of her. Andrea swung on Ali, connecting her fist with her face. They wrestled to the floor and scratched each other. They were pulled apart and someone threw a book at Gloria.

I saw Mel as she charged toward her and grabbed her hair. Gloria landed a fast blow to her cheek, Mel slipped on the floor, pulling Gloria down with her.

They were slapping and kicking each other. "Girl, move, don't think I forgot about yesterday!" Alana shouted.

Dina swung at her and threw her on the floor. Daren hit Zach in head, they wrestled each other and were separated quickly.

I knew another riot was about to take place because of me. Teachers rushed out of their classrooms and so did the admistration and security. Books were being thrown and the strangest thing happened, a locker door was ripped off the hinges.

Since Jett wasn't there, I looked on and Callie running towards me. Didn't I cuss this bitch out?

I punched her in the face and I was landing mutiple punches, she was still grabbing my hair while I was punching the crap out of her.

We were separated by some people. "I told this bitch to watch her fucking back," I muttered.

Everyone was going crazy, ripping off lockers, knocking over tables, one guy even threw his books from the second floor. I decided to leave, just when I was about to walk away, I saw two people fall to the floor, Irina and Justine were slapping the hell out of each other.

I walked out of the building and let the cool air hit my face. I sighed and chuckled at the sounds of distress and cheers inside the school. There were two more months before school closed and I caused a lot of shit.

I knew I was going to cause more, I headed back into the building and saw Melina watching the fight and told her that Sheila was talking shit about her, they never liked each other.

Melina was pissed, she cut through the crowd and saw Sheila cheering and yelled, "Why the fuck are you talking shit?!"

"Bitch because I want to, that's why, so move!" Sheila yelled as she tugged at a piece of Melina's hair.

She tugged at Sheila's hair also and they started punching each other at the same time. I can cause shit that easily. Most of the students were recording and they were going wild.

"Everyone, get back to class!!" Mr. Sam shouted over the yells. The bell rang five times, but nobody moved.

"Go back to class!" another faculty member yelled, but no one budged. Posters were ripped from the wall and thrown across the hallway, some people were throwing pencils, staplers, and books, and they were yelling.

One guy was dancing on the second floor and was flashing his pale chest to everyone and screamed, "Look out below, bitches!!"

Security Hatchet and Mrs. Gen were yelling at him, telling him not to jump. They ran up the stairs, but as soon as they got there, he jumped from the railing and landed on a pile of students, he was alive.

Security Hatchet and Mrs. Gen ran down the stairs to get him, but the boy ran down the hallway and turned the corner. Gerald and Clarence were fighting; Gerald was flipped over and slammed.

"Bitch, back the fuck off, you don't know me!" These other two girls were fighting.

Eight fights broke out and half of them were because of me. This school was literally going crazy, there were fights everywhere, people were jumping from the second floor, throwing shit, and everything.

I realized that Jett wasn't next to me, just when I thought about that, she was watching the fight on the second floor, laughing with Scarlet. I knew she couldn't see me, but I knew they were talking about me. I snuck through the crowd and took the back stairs that lead to the floor that they were on.

I could hear them through the door, I heard Scarlet say, "Look at what the shit Autumn caused, you're friends with 'that'?" she said the word with disgust.

"Yeah, she's our best friend," Jett said.

"Your best friend," Scarlet sneered.

"What??" Jett asked.

"She's just ugh, watch, she'll try to cause some shit with you too," Scarlet said.

I peeked through the door and saw Jett shake her head in disbelief and Scarlet said, "Watch, she'll try to pin some shit on you too, she's still hanging that secret over my head. She's a sneaky bitch, if you hung out with me as much as you hang out with her, you'll see the mean bitch that she really is."

"I don't know....," Jett trailed off. I rolled my eyes at how she was starting to believe her.

So this was how it was? Scarlet wanted to be my friend again so she could have her crime safe and here she was talking crap about me to Jett??

You can't get more low down than that, well yeah you can. Why the hell was I keeping this secret for her? She didn't even make an effort to apologize, this bitch is crazy if she thinks I'll be her friend to cover for her ass.

"She'll rat me out," Scarlet said.

"She wouldn't."

"She will, she will turn on you, just like she did me. She's the sneakiest person I've ever met, Autumn has no friends besides you, she'll crumble without a crew. Think about it," Scarlet went down the stairs and so did I, went back into the crowded hallway and thought that Scarlet only wanted to save her ass.

Scarlet couldn't be trusted, she was as sneaky as I was and I intend to tell her that.

Jett was still watching over the balcony with a sad look on her face. She's a loyal friend, I'll give that to her. Scarlet was trying to turn Jett against me, it didn't really work. Jett needed to choose either me or Scarlet.
She couldn't have the both of us as best friends, or the discussion they just had could take place again and be terrible. It wasn't over between Scarlet and I and we knew it.

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