Part Twenty

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Welcome back to this... show thingy. Sorry/not sorry to keep you waiting.

What was it this time? Eight days? Maybe nine...?

ヽ(`ω'メ)ノAnyhow, enjoy.


"You'll what now?" Walt narrowed his eyes, caught off-guard by what the boy had said. "What do you mean that you swear it on the river Styx?"

Nico explained in barely a whisper. "Unbreakable promise. He'll help us beat Kai if," Nico shot the boy a suspicious look, "I take him to Camp Half-Blood and have him claimed."

The boy nodded, keeping a watchful set of eyes on them.

"So if you swear on the river Styx-" Walt started thoughtfully, only to be interrupted by a slightly impatient Nico.

"Bad stuff happen if you break it."

Walt raised an eyebrow. "You die?" Nico shook his head. "What can be worse than dying?" Walt went on.

"Some things are worse than death," he said darkly. "You'd be surprised."

The boy groaned, and Nico and Walt spun in alarm, as if they had forgotten he was there for a minute. "I'm never surprised to hear that." Nico met his gaze. His eyes were a dark green and easy to get lost in, but the scar running across his face ruined the picture.

"What's your name?" Nico asked, taking on a tone he rarely had before.

He gulped. "My name is Jordan."


Wish you well on your weekend.


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