Chapter 29

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Hailie helped Benji out of the room. The minute they were in the hall Benji started talking.

"So far I've only met three people, and excluding Zigzag, they're probably the coolest people I've ever met."

"They are pretty cool," Hailie muttered. Even she'd been impressed by what Shen had said.

"Zigzag told me about a woman named Indira. He said she was the best navigator he'd ever met. I want to meet her as well. I have to meet that man from the ship too. I need to thank him for helping you come for me."

That man? Hailie had thought they'd known each other from that look when they laid eyes on each other.

"You will meet them all eventually."

"How long will we be staying here?"

"Maybe another four or five days."

His shoulders slouched. "That's so short. Is there any way we can stay longer?"

"You have only just come. Maybe you should meet everyone first and then ask that question."

Benji stopped walking. "Faith. How is she? Did anything happen at all? I want to know before I see her. What did you tell her about me and my injuries?"

"She has adjusted well on the ship. Apart from a few nightmares, there hasn't been any problem. She's taken a strong liking to two boys named Tom and Dylan. They have been keeping her occupied so she didn't get very sad. She likes a girl named Lilly as well, and she seems to be getting along with the cook, Gordon. I told her you were injured, but that it was not bad and you just needed rest. She does not know that you were whipped."

Benji nodded and pulled her towards him in a hug with surprising strength. "Thank you Hailie. I can't thank you enough for coming for me and taking care of Faith. Everyone kept saying you wouldn't come and other bad things, especially when days passed and you still hadn't reached yet. No one believed me, but I knew you would come and you did."

She returned the hug, trying not to hurt his back. "It is okay. I made a promise. I had to keep it. You are probably the only person on this planet who would put that much faith in me."

"That's because most people don't know you." He held her for a little longer, then he released her. "Please take me to Faith," he said. "One more thing. There was a boy, his name was Alfie. Do you know what happened to him?"

"I did not see any boy but I was only focused on getting to you and then Eli made me come down here. He said not to come up and I was helping Shen the whole time. I could have missed him. You should ask Eli."

"I will."

They continued in silence. Hailie took him to the room Eli had given her when they'd first come on board the ship. She knocked on the door.

"Faith. It is Hailie," she said. "Benji is here to see you."

The door swung open.

"Benji!" she shouted.

He knelt on the ground and she collided right into him, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Faith. I missed you so much," he said. His voice shook with every word.

"I was so worried and when Hailie said you were hurt..." The tears were running down Faith's face.

"I'm fine. Completely fine. I've never been better in my entire life." She really hoped that wasn't true.

"I think it would be better if you both went inside. It would be more comfortable," Hailie said.

Benji stood up with some difficulty, though he tried to hide it. Faith took his hand and pulled him into the room. He sat on the bed and pulled her into his lap. She could see the shine on his face. He'd been crying as well.

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