Twentieth Anniversary thingy(?)

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To celebrate twenty parts and five months to this story, The Death Boys (Nico/Anubis), I'm laying out the current statistics of the story (although this may change any minute) and some other random facts about it:

-219 votes on twenty story parts (including *gives in*)!

-3.1k reads, but I suspect I take up quite a bit of that sum for the rereads...

-Readers from 17 different countries.

-Longest hiatus lasted about two or three months. After that, hiatuses lasted up to two weeks.

-I posted the first five or six parts on the same night :3

-Story left on a countless number of cliffhangers.

-I started writing this fanfiction at my Grandparent's house.

-This is my second crossover story, the first being Stoll Brothers and the Daughter of Hecate (PJO/Harry Potter crossover written in a headcanon-y way).

-It was also my second story on Wattpad ever.

-You readers are the best kind of awesome, though. I feel extremely lucky to have you read my story, getting to know some of you fun folks at the same time. Cannot thank you guys enough!

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