Chapter 1

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Lesley promised me that she'd never touch another bottle as long as we remained best friends. What a liar. But I think I can understand her in some way. I mean, when my parents died and I had to come live with my grandma-who lived in a small town in Denver-I was a wreck. But I learned to live with it. On the other hand, her parents are still alive-they were just separating.

After trying her number for the hundredth time, I finally gave up on calling her, and decided to go for a walk.

I crept out of the house quietly, careful not to wake up grandma. The cold night air blew through my dark hair and spread goosebumps down my arms, causing me to wrap my jacket tighter around myself. I was so glad that I wore contacts today instead of my glasses, or else the cold air would have fogged it up and made it impossible for me to see.

I had walked for about 30 minutes when the sound of spraying caught my attention. Letting my curiosity get the better of me, I followed the sound.

It led me to a dark and creepy alley. The street lights came on suddenly, causing me to get a glimpse of a tall figure in all black spraying a wall not far from me. Before I knew it,I was moving towards this person.

"Hey." The person turned around at the sound of my voice and dropped his hood. My jaw almost hit the floor.

He had dark, brown curls that sat messily on his head and fell over his forehead. His eyes were the most unique shade of green I had ever seen, and he had sharp, defined cheekbones. Oh and his lips-

I mentally kicked myself. Not the time.

He was way taller than me-I think my head just managed to reach his shoulders-and was lean too. He didn't have bulging muscles, but you could definitely tell he worked out.

"Hey, weirdo. You don't just get someone's attention with nothing at all to say but to stare." His deep voice broke me out of my thoughts. I flushed bright red when I noticed I had been caught practically eye-raping him."Isn't it past your bed time? Or do you just love to go about poking your nose where it doesn't belong?"

I became annoyed when I remembered what I was even doing here in the first place. "Actually, I do have something to say...curls.Yes,curls.Do you just go about destroying everything you come across?"I snapped at him. He didn't even flinch. He just lazily blinked down at me.

"I'm doing this wall a favor, and don't call me curls."

"Don't call me weirdo either."

I watched as the muscles in his jaw ticked, a sign that he was getting pissed. A small part of me was scared but a bigger part of me didn't give a fuck that he was pissed. He certainly didn't have the right when he was doing something wrong.

"Why am I even wasting my time with you?" With that, he turned his back to me, completely dismissing me, and continued to spray the wall.

"Stop that! You're vandalizing state property. Hey, you can't do that!" My protests fell on deaf ears however as curls continued to ignore me. "That's it." Without thinking, I jumped onto his back and wrapped my legs around him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Get off me." He sounded angry, but at the moment, I didn't care. His hands reached for my thighs and tried to bring them down, but I only tightened myself around him more.

"No," I replied, keeping one arm around his neck and reaching for the can with the other hand. With him distracted, I was able to get the can from his grasp."Ha, I've got your can now, curly boy, what'cha gonna do about it?"

"I'll tell you what I will do."

That sentence did not come from curls however.

Light was suddenly shoved into our faces, and I couldn't help but squint. The light disappeared as soon as it had appeared, and standing before us was none other than a police officer.

"You kids are in a load of trouble."

Oh crap.

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