Chapter 1

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Taeyeon's POV

Annyeong! I'm Kim Taeyeon, I won't tell about my age! You guys be the judge base on my face. Hehehe!

I'm in fourth year highschool and I'm the school president. And everyone is a pain in the head.

Especially mister Byun Baekhyun, that jerk! How dare he not follow my rules!

"Hey! President!" Speaking of that jerk.

"What?" I asked uninterested.

"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure it was you." Psh.

I turned my back on him and went straight to class. I need to be early, I need the student's here to follow my deeds.

When I arrived at class, I was the only one there. Strange, it's almost 7:30 am. And teacher is about to arrive soon, maybe.

"Hey president!" I turned to the door to see Mr. Byun. Again.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing. Just you." w-what?


"Just you. To annoy the hell out of you." (—________—)

"Well, your doing a perfectly fine job Mr.Byun." i said

"Aw, your too formal. Call me baek." Nah.



"I'll call you Byun. Or maybe Byun Baek." I said. He rolled his eyes upward.

"Whatever. See you later president." He said while walking out.

I sighed in relief. Finally that jerk is gone. I just noticed, he dyed his hair to blonde.

I admit it look's good in him, but that's against school rules. Black is the only hair color allowed!

And his polo isn't even buttoned correctly, and his hair is a mess. Like where does this guy live? (—_____—)

After awhile my classmates started to arrive one by one. They greeted me with smiles so in return I bowed my head and smiled at them.

"Hi noona!" I was shocked when someone appeard infront of me. Kim Taehyung.

"Tsk. I told you to never call me noona. I sound old! And to think were classmates." I retorted.

"Well, you are older than me." He said while pouting. I really love this guys cuteness~

But I hate him too because he resembles Byun Baek to much.

"Yeah, for like 2 days." I said while rolling my eyes upward.

"Yea-" he got cut off when our teacher finally arrived.

He sat down on the empty seat beside me. We are seatmates.

It was lunch time, I went straight to the cafeteria. After I bought my lunch I searched for a vacant table.

I saw Taehyung waving like a little kid. I went straight to his table and sat across him.

"Took you long enough." He said nibbling on his chicken.

"I thought something happened to you when you ran out as soon as the bell rang. Just to find out you went straight here." I said in disbelief.

He just smiled at me and continued eating. So did I.

"Taeyeon!" I turned around to see my BFFs. Tiff and Jess.

"Tiffany! Jessica!" How I missed these girls.

Well we go to the same school but we are'nt classmates. I'm in section A and they are in B.

"I miss you guys!" I said while hugging them.

"We missed you too. But let's eat first." Jess said. Aish this girl.

They took the empty seat beside me and Taehyung.

"So I see the TAE couple are together again." Tiff teased.

"Yah. Taehyung and me are just friends!" I retorted.

"Yeah. Noona and me are just friends." I think I heard pain in his voice.....

"Okay, okay. No need to be defensive." Tiff said and we laughed.

"Look! Baekhyun is here! Taeyeon look!" Jess said.

I turned around and saw Baek with his friends. And as usual girls are drooling.

I returned my attention to my food. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Baekhyun's POV

Me and my friends were heading to the cafeteria to get some food. I'm hungry.

"Luhan hyung. Buy me food please~" Chen did his aegyo.

"A-Ah.... but I don't have my wallet." He said.

Suddenly Xiumin came behind Luhan hyung and had his wallet in his hand.

"Luhan hyung, buy us food please~" pffft....

"Fine. Fine. Fine. But....." he agreed and looked at Xiumin hyung.

"Call me hyung again." He said.

"Lu-ge." After Xiumin said that Luhan hyung nodded his head and Chen and Xiumin hyung rejoiced.

"Kris hyung. Buy me food please~" Tao and I said at the same time.

"Ask Suho." We turned to Suho and he just nodded his head! Yes!

When we arrived at the cafeteria. It wasn't actually surprising to see girls lookin— staring at us.

We went straight to buy food and took an empty table. The longest one with 15 chairs. But we were only 12.

"Guys look." Sehun said and we looked at the place he pointed. President.

"What about them?" Chanyeol asked.

"Do you think Taeyeon noona and Taehyung are a thing?" He asked.

"Really!? If they are a thing, I'm gonna be happy! My ship is sailing~ TAE couple!" Tao was happy. We just chuckled at how he was acting.

I looked at their place again and my gaze met her. I locked my gaze on her but she looked down.

I sighed and just ate.


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