chapter 1: in the mafia base

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Chapter 1

Tsuna's pov

Why? I did nothing to them and yet they sold me here to this place where kids are exprimented on. I guess they wanted Ieyasu as their son only because I was useless. That's what they said. You do not know me yet huh? I guess I should explain myself. My name is Tsunayoshi and usally I rather people to call me Tsuna. I do not use my father's surname cos he does not want me anymore. I am 8 this year and I have been in this place for 3 years. But some of the other kids here are still alive are lucky. Because a lot of kids died when they got exprimented on as they always inject some weird chemical into the body. They use us as test subjects and if we dies, no one cares because we were abonanded. I have just finished being experimented on and I was thrown into one of the cell with two other friends of mine. I met them when I came here after I got experimented on the first time. They have pineapple like hair because they are sibilings. The elder one is called rokudo muroko who has blue hair and one blue eye while the younger one is a girl called nagi who has purple hair and a purple eye. Muroko was dragged into the testing chamber after I was thrown in here. Muroko was 9 while nagi was 8, just like me. Nagi has her right eye with a eye patch because her right eye is beeding after being tested before me. My right eye was bleeding right now because they injected something into it which now hurts like hell. They covered my right eye first before throwing me into the cell. " Nagi! You okey? How is your right eye still bleeding? Your iliusonary organs are still here right? Your touture ended few hours ago!" I asked worriedly. "Tsuna-kun, do not worry about me, your right eye is bleeding right now. Stop worrying about me. OK? " I could not believe how helpless I am now. 'Isn't my resolve enough? Wait... my resolve of wanting to free them from this place... That's it!' I channeled my resolve and the flames produced by my resolve had flames with 7 different colours helping every children trapped in this place out. Alowing them to escape.

Reborn's pov

We looked at this mafia base it Italy. There are many children inside being tortured right now. We got to hurry up. " should we start now kora!" Colonello said, causing Lal to mutter" I wish I had brought falcon along so it can pluck their eye out." I looked at them at looked back at the metal wall. " would you guys stop fighting so we can finish this?" I said with a annoyed tone. I kicked down the metal wall and saw 7 different coloured flames running around the room, opening op doors of the cages to set the children free. It the middle of all the commotion, a brunette with brown spiky hair and brown eyes closed his eyes shut. The 7 coloured flames flew around the brunette, the mist flames got a boy with blue pinapple like hair and a blue eye.the flame was guiding him towards the brunette, who has a girl who looked alike like the boy who was carried except she had purple hair and eyes. After it happened, the flames dissapeared and the brunette fainted. Fon and Lal rushed towards them and carried them out, with the girl running behind them.

Nagi's pov

We were outside with those infants. " do you know who we are kora!" I guess that is Conellono, the rain of the Arcobaleno. " you guys are the Arcobaleno. The scientists always talked about you." I replied. " Wha..?" Tsuna just woke up. " Tsuna-kun! Your awake!"

Back to Reborn's pov

" Tsuna-kun your awake!" The girl yelled as she talcked the brunette. "Kufufufu... none for me?" The boy with the blue pineapple like hair said, with a hurt look on his face. The girl hugged him too. " I guess I should start introducing myself then?" The brunette said as he stood up." My name is Tsunayoshi. I do not use my surname. Might as well say it. My full name is Sawada Tsunayoshi but I would rather be called Tsuna." He finished and Lal gasped. Lal was not fit to be the rain Arcobaleno because she is not clam at all times. " Kufufufu my name is Rudoko muroko." The boy with blue pinapple like hair said. "Anao, my name is.." she was cut short by Tsuna. " how about Chrome as your name, since you hate your name that much." Chrome replied to him thanks and introduced herself." My name is Chrome Dukuro. Nice to meet you." She said shyly. Let's go back to HQ first shall we? I asked all of them. Some said OK, some said sure and some said fine.

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