Chapter One

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I know I've done better ^^; but I wrote this a longgg time ago. So. Yeah. Maybe touch it up later, but I have loads more chapters to put up and we're about to leave! So... Once my retarded character gets her head back on in the next few chapters, I'll get some action in XD

Chapter One

I jogged inside and went to my room, enjoying the warmth; I had just gotten back from school which is a mile away. It had snowed last night, and the cold seeped through my puffy jacket anyways on the way to school and the way back. Today was the last day of school for a long time since we’ll be on Christmas break.

I sighed happily and put my bag down on my bed. My computer was already on, so I wiggled the mouse and the screen turned on. I double-clicked on a game that was downloaded on my computer that I’d never seen before. It was named “Merry Christmas”. When it loaded, a warning message comes up saying “You have 7 days until Christmas, this program will not load until then.” I pressed “OK” and it closed off. I turned on some Japanese music since it’s my favorite, and I opened a chat box that the music player had. My friends Luna587, Snowflake32, and Supern@tural8 were online. Right above the chat box it said, ‘Supern@tural8 is typing.’

Supern@tural8: Hiya! Merry Christmas! Since ur online that means u saw my present right?

Luna587: Hey! x2 Merry Christmas! I helped with ur present btw!

It didn’t say Snowflake32 is typing, so I put:

BloodScout0: Hi! Merry Christmas 2 u all 2! Can I have a hint for my present? And how did u get to my house b4 me, much less download something b4 I got home?

Supern@tural8: Well, Luna found it, Snowflake didn’t go 2 school, instead he went 2 ur house and climbed through ur window with my help. He downloaded it and all that stuff, so then I came in later and tampered with it so it can’t b opened until Christmas. Also I did a few other things… BUT… you get my point. Can’t spoil a present ;P ur mom gave me a ride after I told her a few not-so-true stuff, but some of it was true :I

He typed after a few seconds.

BloodScout0: X_X stop talking about my present! U r making me wanna’ open it but I can’t!

Supern@tural8: u were the one that asked :P

BloodScout0: V_V *is sad*

Luna587: Well then, why don’t u make us a present? U might feel better :I

BloodScout0: How am I supposed 2 make u a present? I’m not creative; I spend my life on the computer!

Supern@tural8: *cough* in *cough* x) (u won’t understand until l8er) Then use a computer! Find an awesome game and give it 2 us!

BloodScout0: wat type of game? Downloadable, never-ending, 1’s that do end… and then u gotta’ tell me wat type of these u want: Strategy, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Multiplayer, Skill, Fun, Girly, Music, Arcade, Other… stuff like that…

Luna587: I SO want Skill! Oh, and put Multiplayer in there 2! And let’s see… Downloadable-never-ending is awesome 2!!

Supern@tural8: -.-‘ Luna, that’s exactly like the game we got BloodScout…

BloodScout0: Rly? Awesome!!!

Luna587: Well that’s bc I want that game 2!!!

Supern@tural8: 1 second BloodScout, I need 2 PM Luna… >:[

BloodScout0: Whatever… *sigh*

It didn’t say anyone was typing back, so I sat back and brushed my black hair from my brilliant green eyes.

(I wonder what this ‘Present’ is. It seems to be free, so why can’t Luna have it? She was the one that found it, so there shouldn’t be a reason she can’t have it. Supern@tural and Luna don’t even live together… they’re not even related other than friends.) I thought.

“Bree! It’s time for dinner!” My mom called from the kitchen.

BloodScout0: Hey, when u get this, ima b eating dinner, so don’t think I’m ignoring u. :I

I typed quickly, and then I got up and walked into the kitchen where my mom was taking food over to the table.

“Hey girl.” She said. “Just chicken and rice today.”

“Don’t say it’s ‘Just chicken and rice’! You know I love that!” I said, smiling and sitting down at the table.

“It’s not that I didn’t know you liked it, it’s more that I’m depressed. By Christmas I’ll be all alone.” My mom said sadly.

“You’re not sending me away are you? I haven’t done anything wrong!” I said, quite shocked.

“No, you will send yourself away… I shouldn’t be ruining your present, so let’s eat!” Her voice got happier at the end, which made me happy.

(Did she really sign me up for horse-back riding? Yes!) I thought happily.

My mom sat down and I served myself some chicken and rice. I took a bite, savoring its flavor.

“It’s delicious, as always!” I said, and I wolfed down the rest.

My mom blinked at my plate.

“You never eat that fast!” She explained.

“Well, usually my friends aren’t acting weird and mysterious about my Christmas present!” I winked and gave my mom a thumbs-up. “So I’m gonna’ ask questions until they give me answers!”

I got up and went back to my room. When I got there I looked at my computer screen and in the chat box it said under my last post:

Supern@tural8: Me and Luna gtg, cya!

I closed off the chat box, and my eyes slid to the game that my friends had downloaded on my computer, I almost opened it, but then I remembered I couldn’t until Christmas.

(And Supern@tural is the best programmer I know, there’s no way I could bypass that…) I thought sourly.

I sighed and got my backpack off my bed and took my homework and a pencil out. I lied down on my stomach and looked it over.

(Really! Giving homework over Christmas break… What nerve!) I thought angrily as I started on it.