Chapter 10

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Three whole days have passed since being in this cage. I haven't been fed once during that time. Not even with water. I think their slowly trying to starve me to death. Well it won't take long, my throat feels like sandpaper and my stomach hasn't stopped rumbling for twenty minutes straight.

I peer up as footsteps sound close by. My fingers clasp round my knife's handle making my knuckles turn white with the force I'm using. 


Great, here comes Day. Just the person I f**k**g wanted.

"Decide to come back for me? Oh wait, you helped my psycho dad." I spit.

He creeps up to the bars on my left side. 

"Um deserved it. You left me Willow, left me alone with Bobby Dilan's gang to take over the whole damn school for a whole five years! What do you expect me to do, forget?" He says looking right at me.

"Aww did I weave you wiv the big bullys?" I say laughing

He just looks at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes and I almost forget what he's done to me. 

I cough and wipe the grin off of my face, "Anyway...I had to leave, if not I would be in prison for murdering someone anyway. What would you of liked me to do? Hand myself in?" I ask, placing my hands on my hips.

"Yes, if it's really true that you killed Piper then yeah, you should of handed yourself in."

"Well I'm not you Day, you wouldn't of killed someone, you wouldn't of hid for over five years straight and you wouldn't of stuck a tooth in someones f**k**g eye, even if it was Bobby. Why don't you get that?"

"You wanna know why I don't get it?"He asked looking at me sternly,  "Well once apon a time there was a girl named Willow, she was the top of her class, had a million friends and was the sexiest girl in the school. But one day she tried to bend the rules, things got way to far and someone ended up dead. What happened to Willow? Well she ran away, away from her problems and away from the people who cared for her. She wrecked her life. Ruined in a flash. Yet her best mate came looking for her, still believed in her but when they met she pushed him away. Now she has no one left. Stuck in a world of her own.You don't get that your the only one that doesn't let anyone inside your box. Why is that?"

I step back, "That was cute but do realise that you just turned half of my life into a disney once apon a time story?" I say grinning.

He doesn't smile back like he would of done eight years ago back home. Now he just turns his back to me and sighs.

"I'm being serious Will," He says sadly

I don't answer as he starts to walk away. I wanted to kill him like five minutes ago but I just threw a joke with him a few seconds ago. What is wrong wih me? Can't I make my mind about who my enemies are and who are my allies? Even I can't get away with the fact that I will always see Day as my friend no matter what he does or says to me.

I glance up at his body thats slowly walking away from me probably forever. Do I want that? 

"I push people away because I've been away from people for so long I have forgotten what it's like to have people that care for me, even if it's just one person. I guess I've been that isolated from my real family that the only thing that comes out of my mouth are threats or taunts." I say, shuffling one foot from the other.

"Is that an apology?" Day asks warily ,"Or are you still going to stab me through the heart if I come any closer?" 

I smile cautiously, not knowing whether he's being serious or joking.

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