Chapter 1

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I was playing my video games when something was coming through the entrance. "Hey April!" I heard Donnie say. When I heard that name, I rolled my eyes.
"Hey Donnie, what's up?"
"Uh...n-nothing much. What about yo-ou?"
"I'm good, hey can you help me with some homework Don?"
"S-sure." I watched them leave to Donnie's lab. And I gagged.
"Why does Donnie even like her? She's ugly!" The lab doors were open slightly so I went to see what they were doing. April was sitting close to Donnie...really close.
"So, which problems are you having trouble on?"
"Well it's...oh shoot!"
"What's wrong?"
"I forgot that I...had to go to the library with Irma for a school project." Then suddenly she put her face close to Donnie's. "Do you could just do my homework for me?" Donnie's face was red.
"B-but don't y-you hav-ve t-to do th-this? O-otherw-wise yo-ou w-on't learn." Then she did this thing with her fingers were she made two of them walk up his arm like legs and then she cupped his cheek.
"Please? It would mean a lot to me." I could tell from over here that Donnie was getting the chills.
"O-okay...b-but jus-st th-this onc-ce." Suddenly she quickly stood up.
"Thanks D! You're the greatest!" She walked towards the doors and I quickly hid against the wall. When April closed the doors, she took out her phone and walked towards the entrance. "Hey Irma, so are we still on?......Great! I'll meet you at the entrance of the mall......Okay, see you soon." She hung up and left. I frowned and went back to the couch.
So she's using Donnie to do her homework for her. I can't believe her! Making my adorable Donnie do all her work. How long has she been doing this? Let's see...she's been getting help from Donnie for four weeks now. After the first week she started leaving without her backpack and would always come back in a few hours. So everytime she left without her backpack must've been the days when she subdued Donnie into doing her homework. What kind of person would do that! I should go talk to Donnie about it. I got up and went to Donnie's lab. "Hey D, whacha doin?" He seemed startled.
"Work." I narrowed my eyes.
"What kinda work?"
"Work...for an invention."
Why doesn't he want to say he's doing April's homework? Maybe he thinks I'll make fun of him. "Donnie, I know you're doing April's homework." He looked up at me.
"You do?"
"Yes. I...kinda spied on you guys before she left." I smiled nervously.
"Why would you spy on us?" I walked over to him.
It would be super weird for me to tell him that I spy on them to make sure April doesn't get too carried away..."I spied because...I..." I picked up April's homework, "because I want to help you! April gives you a lot of her homework to do, so I thought I'd give you a hand." Donnie raised an eye ridge.
"You...helping me...with her trigonometry homework?"
"Do you even know what trigonometry is?" I frowned at him.
"Of course I do!" He snickered, making me frown more. "Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles. Trigonometry is found all throughout geometry, as every straight-sided shape may be broken down into a collection of triangles. Further still, trigonometry has intricate relationships to other braches of mathematics, in particular complex numbers, infinite series, logarithms, and calculus." He stared at me with wide eyes and his jaw open. "So now I help you?"
"H-how that?! Do you...actually have a brain?!"
"Of course I have a brain! It's the most complex part of the body. The brain comprises the body's central nervous system. It's the major control network for the body's functions and abilities, and enables conscious cummunication with our body. If I didn't have a brain then my heart wouldn't be told to beat, and then I'd be dead. So theoretically, I do have a brain! And now, I feel insulted so my brain is telling me to leave!" I slammed the paper down on Donnie's and turned to leave.
"Wait, Mikey, I'm sorry." I heard Donnie stand up and run after me. He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. "I'm sorry, it's just you always seem-"
"Stupid? That's the way I seem?"
"Well, yes-" Right away Donnie covered his mouth. I glared at him and turned to walk. "Mikey, I didn't mean it!" I kept walking and slammed his doors shut. Leo was in front of the tv.
"Mikey, what's wrong?" He came up to me.
"I don't want to talk about it?!" Raph was sitting on the couch.
"C'mon Mike, ya can tell us. Oh wait, was one of Donnie's inventions too difficult for ya to understand?" He laughed and I felt my blood boiling. I walked over to him and put my face in his.
"I'll have you know Raphael that I completely understand Donnie's inventions! You, on the other hand, lack the intelligence of Donnie's intricate designs!" Raph looked at me with wide eyes. Leo came next to me and put a hand on my shoulder.
"Okay need to calm down." I looked at Leo and sighed, closing my eyes.
"Sorry Leo."
"What happened Mikey?" Leo tried asking me again.
"Donnie just made me upset. He called me stupid." Leo looked at Raph and Raph looked at him. I frowned. "You guys agree with him. Don't you?"
Raph pursed his lips and Leo played with his fingers.
"'re not very bright." Leo said. I frowned at him.
"'Bright' springs from the roots of your personal genesis and it's can't be taught. I don't believe 'bright' is a dwindling or expanding trait. It's regulated by an unquantifiable constant splayed across the entirity of the human population throughout existence. 'Bright' is an autonomous quality which only augments or enhances existing qualities, but is not dependent on the presence of other qualities to maintain itself. Intelligence, unrestrained by the absence of 'bright', tends to scatter its barbarous arrows carelessly across the landscape. 'Brightness' has remained constant and resulted in a social dynamic in individuals who boast of tremendous intelligence but are not mercifully bright. The best description of bright may be...the vagabound intruder who is inicidentally graced with the ability to retreat into the shadowed audience of life where he may behold the stage in its entirety from which he can thus view and comprehend all the actions as interrelated acts of disparate but woven characters. That is bright. Bright tears down the walls of a tunneled vision. Bright is limitless and untethered. In the absence of bright, we solidify existent knowledge and technology...for the absence of bright also deprives a sense of wonder and amazement." Both Leo and Raph stared at me the same way Donnie did. I sighed and walked to my room.

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