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What's going on in Wickerwire, Iowa? A seemingly quiet and small town now has a thief all over the news---and no one can get any dirt on him and he leaves behind his mysterious calling card. "The Candy Caper" hits up new stores whenever he wants and often. There are no clues and police are baffled....but eventually he is going to hit a wall if he does not find what he is looking for.

Who is important to his story, and who will he have encounters with?

Officer Anthony Massey is a cop with a case of ADD and a sweet tooth. He is personally being blamed for letting the thief get by him on his watch, and will do anything to make sure he is caught and he gains respect on the force.

Sam Glen and Robin Wright are young reporters looking to make a name for themselves in a new career. After covering one story about the thief's latest heist, they came up with his nickname "The Candy Caper" which went viral and stuck to him. They believe they will be the ones to expose his identity and arrest to the world and become known for that.

Thunder God is a wrestler who has his own problems. Called "Blunder God" because of his uncontrollable bad-luck jinx, he badly wants to end his bad luck once and for all. He and the thief might be out there looking for the same thing.

Dr. Nick Allen is an introverted, quiet dentist who mainly keeps to himself, but he's got secrets of his own and a problem he also wants to change. He may or may not be an easy target.

Bridget Piers is the newest Wickerwire resident who moves there to open her own jewelry store. It doesn't take her long at all to realize she has perfect timing and learns of the thief. She allies with Officer Massey and cracks down on her store security, determined to end the robberies herself.

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