Our beginning

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"What's with that look?" I asked confused for a moment, I thought he wanted to fight, at least that's what I  thought he wanted. Maybe I jumped the gun? I mean, maybe he did bump into me by accident? Though even if it was an accident, no one should just come fumbling out of the woods like an idiot and bump into someone; especially a girl and not apologize. 

After a moment of us staring back and forth, him staring at me with his mouth hanging open, me staring at him with an unbothered look; I had kicked him down to the ground and the chump was looking at my feet instead of my face. Bending down to his level I locked eyes with him while he stared at me completely surprised; maybe he hadn't wanted to fight? Did I really jump the gun that bad? Should I apologize even though he bumped into me?

"Sora, as funny as that was, I think you over did it just a tiny bit." Sakura said trying to control her laughter.  Typical for my bubbly little sister. "Like usual." she giggled and covered her mouth trying not to embarrass the boy on the ground more than he already was. She had moments like this, they weren't necessarily cruel moments, more just moments were she couldn't control her laughter when she thought something was funny; its a flaw of hers but everyone has something. 

"Come on you call that a kick?-" The boy scrambled up off the ground and pointed a finger at me while he wiped his cheek. "I'll show you a kick! I've trained for the last four months of my life to be strong enough to beat a certain somebody! I won't lose to someone like you!" The orange haired boy managed to stutter out, he was glaring heatedly at me. I guess I did hit him pretty hard; boys always hated being shown up. 

"Well whoever your master is, he isn't doing his job." I snorted and shook my head, boys these days. Why bring his master up? Well, a student is only as weak as their master's teachings, and if he's really been training then he should be able to at least watch where he's going. 

"Kid, you stumble out of the woods, and bump into me before shoving me away like I have the plague; obviously you're lacking in simple observation skills." I took in his appearance, he actually wore my school uniform, strange since I really didn't recognize him. The kid looked taken aback at my words while looking down at his body weirdly; I don't really know why there was a sudden interest change, honestly it's kinda weird; the kid was staring at his body like it was an alien device or something. 

"You know kid, I didn't really hit you that hard; so consider yourself spared. Next time you won't be so lucky." I said dismissively and draped my bag against the back of my shoulder. I realize now that he really wasn't looking for a fight, but I'm still a little ticked off that he shoved me away whenever he was the one that popped out of literal no-where. 

"Wait, he bumped into you?" A boy with extremely pale purple hair asked, now that he processed what had happened, it seemed even he was bewildered. I almost forgot that he and another girl with long brown hair had been walking along side of the orange haired boy. The girl looked extremely startled while the boy just seemed intrigued. 

I looked at the boy with a raised eyebrow before nodding my head. "That's what I said, he came stumbling out alongside you two and ran straight into me." I pushed some hair out of my eyes before looking at Sakura who was looking around at the passing cars that drove by. I looked around myself remembering that we had just reached the main street where traffic usually picks up; it was still far enough away from the town, but not too far away where there wouldn't be other people. 

"And nothing happened?" The girl pushed farther looking completely confused and more startled. Apparently they'd never seen him touch a girl? Maybe he's a closet pervert and gets nosebleeds whenever he's around women? Perhaps that's why he seems so confused  and was looking down at himself? I don't know. What I do know, is that these three were strange. 

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