Ten: A Little.... Talk

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Your POV

'What time is it?' I thought. 7:34 am. Good. Ross told me that Rachel had killed Julius but he didn't tell me why and I indented to find out by going to meet Rachel at jail and have a little talk with her. Besides it wasn't a work day so he should be asleep until at least 10.

~Time Skip~

I grabbed all my stuff and sat down in the room and waited for Rachel. I was sitting on a dark green plastic chair with too walls of wood surrounded me, I'm guessing to keep everyone's conversations private, there was a window in front of me with a red plastic phone that was connected to another red phone on the other side. (This is my best description of the room, I'm sorry if bad but I haven't been in that room for about 6 years)

I sat and waited until Rachel's face appeared. "What are you doing here?" She said rolling her eyes. "Why'd you it?" I asked completely ignoring her question. "Why aren't you mad?" She asked. "Because I learned how to control my emotions, is that it you never learned how to control your emotions and you got mad at him? Hm is that it?" I asked getting angrier as I went on.

She didn't me,instead she just looked away. I checked the time on my phone, 8:05 "why do you hate me" I asked. "Because you stole someone I love away from me" She answered. "Mm I know how that feels"I remarked.

Awkward silence was all I heard besides the muffled talking of other people talking to their loved ones. 8:26 "listen I only have an hour to talk to you so-wait you didn't love him, you were using him" "why do you care?" She asked. "Because you saw him as money when he's much more than that" I explained.

She just rolled her eyes. More silence fell. 8:40. I opened my mouth to talk but she interrupted. "Why are you even here?" She asked with disgust. "I came here to find out why you killed my brother" I answered. "They didn't tell you?" She asked. "Ask me what?" I asked.

She just rolled her eyes. 8:55. "I only have five more minutes so please tell-" "I killed him because he was your brother."

Her words hurt like a knife. When I was driving home the words kept playing in my mind. 'I killed him because he was your brother'. I started to tear up, soon I was just straight up crying.

I quietly snuck in to Ross' apartment and snuck into his arms. "(Y/n) are you okay?" Ross asked seeing as I was crying. "Yeah, just a..bad dream

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