Exactly Part 11 Scotty's POV

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Exactly 11 Scotty:

"You will leave through the back door now or you won't see me later."

Carter had a severe threat that I didn't like. I really wanted to see her later so I decided to go even though I had to deal with the fact that Adam got to see her first.

"Aw... Come on baby." I said as I pulled her closer to me.

"Go." She responded with anger in her voice but there was a smile inside her beautiful eyes. She playfully punched me as I kissed her forehead and then dragged her into a deep kiss. I then ran out of the back door quickly even though I didn't want to. I was about to sneak off but I could faintly hear Carter talking to Adam. There was an open window close by so I walked to it and sat down below it since the conversation was now clear as day.

"So where are we going?" Carter started to flirt with Adam already.

"T. G. I. Friday's if that's okay with you?" Adam replied to my Carter. I thought about it for a minute and decided to follow her and him to the restraint to watch their little date. They left the house quietly and Carter locked the door behind her.

I followed them to Friday's. I tried to at least keep myself a few yards away from them, from her. I still was able to hear them talking though. It broke my heart to see her with him and not by my side. A silent tear slithered its way out of my eye and slid down my face. It then fell off my chin and landed on my hand that was placed gently on my fork.

"So what did you think of Scotty?" Adam had never been the nonchalant type guy. He dove right into topics so that he could find out whatever he wanted to faster.

"He was okay but not as great as you seem to be." Carter was breaking my heart slowly without even knowing it. "Well would you ever see yourself getting with him again?" Adam was trying to see the chances he had that I hoped were really low.

"I don't really think so." Carter replied.

That's all I could take without going over there and flipping out so I nicely asked for the waiter to give me the receipt after paying for my dessert and I left. The walk to Carter's house was short but kind of cold. I wanted to talk to her about the whole conversation she had with Adam.

They soon came back and after several minutes I though they had said goodbye so I walked outside. My guess had been off by about a minute because they were kissing.

"What in the world, Carter?" I just exploded.

"What are you doing here?" Adam hollered at me as he broke apart from Carter. She had no clue what to say so she just stood there.

"I don't have to answer to you. What are you even trying to get from Carter anyway? You won't get anywhere with her." I yelled at Adam. He punched me in the mouth but I didn't bleed at all. I walked around him acting like I was going to just walk away but instead I slammed Adam into the house. We got up and continued to fight until Carter stood between us.

"Stop!" She just bellowed out. "Scotty go home. Adam let's clean you up." She had her arms stretched out to touch both of our chests. I grabbed her right arm and pulled her towards me. I held her close to me and kissed her as Adam stared.

"She doesn't belong to you." I said as looked up and I walked away into the dark night.


I just didn't know how to react. Adam's arm was bleeding and I knew he wouldn't be able to go home tonight.

"Do you want to sleep here tonight after I clean you up?" I questioned.

"Yes. Thank you." He responded. I cleaned up his arm and bandaged it. A blanket and pillow I fetched for him.

"This couch is comfy." He looked at me like he wanted something I didn't want to give him. I immediately stood up from the couch.

"Sleep well." I started to walk up the stairs and went to bed. When I woke up my bed seemed as if it was warmer than it should be. It felt as if I wasn't alone in it. I immediately turned over and saw Adam. I was completely pissed off so I got dressed and grabbed my book bag. Adam was right behind me in less than two minutes as I stormed off to the school at a fast pace. He was trying to calm me down and everything but it wasn't working. He could barely keep pace as I continued to walk fast and irritated. As soon as I reached the school I busted through the doors and basically ran to my locker.


"Dude she's ticked off. Either you fucked up or you fucked up." I laughed very loudly inside my head. I laughed so loudly in my head that I almost laughed out loud but I held it in.

"Shut up or I'll punch you again. Besides her and I had sex last night." Adam smiled.

"She doesn't act that way after sex. I would even be able to tell you that because I have actually done that activity with her." I said as a fact and then I let my smile beam.

"You calling me a liar?" He pushed.

"Yes I am." With that Adam and I were fighting again. Carter showed up after I slammed Adam into the lockers. She broke through the crowd surrounding us with tears in her eyes as she watched. I felt horrible and stopped. Adam then punched me really hard and I fell to the floor. Carter ran to my side real fast and looked painfully up at Adam.

"Why, Adam?" Her voice cracked as she looked at me and tears spilled out of her eyes. Several of them landed on my tee shirt but I didn't mind. I just wanted her to stay by me and never leave. I wanted her games to end and her to be mine again. I just wanted her. I wanted her so bad it hurt me to no end.

"He's a jerk Carter. You deserve better." He smiled.

"Better? You are not better. You are worse." She cried.

"Who do you love then?" He asked her quietly as the circle of people left and it was just us three. I sat up to see her and to hear her answer.

*So good Scotty seems as if he is going to come back soon eh? haha. I loved good Scotty. I didn't really have a liking for bad Scotty. But I really don't like Adam. What about you? Who of the two guys do you like?*

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