Chapter 9: The Irony's Escape

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I kept hidden under the bed for the rest of the day. I refused to look at him, terrified. " Tomoe-Chan get out of there, there is a really good program on tv you know? Why are you still there? You know I should bandage those wounds!" I hear him say. "I'm fine here." I said."Are you sure?" I heard him again. It even feels this wounds aren't his fault. I just wanna go home! "Yeah..." "Are you mad at me?" I heard him. "No!" I lied. Suddenly, the covers were brought back and he could see my head. I stared at his eyes and he stared at me for about a minute and then he sat next to me and petted my head. "I don't like to see you like this. Are you hungry?" He asked. "No! I mean... I'm not thank you." I said, terrified, remebering this morning. " You didnt ate anything besides what I had to make you today. If you're trying to go on a diet don't. I think you're fine just the way you are!" He smiled at me. It was a real honest smile but it creeped me none the less. "I'm not. I'm just not hungry, that's all." I shivered under the bed. "All right then, do you want to go to sleep?" He asked. I fake smiled and decided it was best this way. "Yes, please." "Allright, I'm off then!" He petted me and left. 

I relaxed a bit but I had to find a way to escape. Then I heard him go to the bathroom and after a while I heard the faucet turning on. He was taking a bath. I remenbered he ussualy leaves his jacket next to the door. I decided to take the chance. I got up and crepted to the door. It was locked. I looked around to find a small pen on a drawer. I used it to unlock the door but it was useless. However , the lock was old and I was able to slide a small piece of folded paper on the lock and open the door. I tip toed to his jacket and found the keys. I quickly unlocked the door and ran for my dear life. I noticed the nearest bilding was an old unfinished one. It was surrounded by ciment bricks and cranes. I was running past it when suddenly I got pushed. "Where are you going?" I looked back to see Kaneki with a wet hair and pants and the most anger contorted face I have ever seen. "Catching air?" I said. He tried to grab me but I quickly stood up and ran. He grabbed my foot and I fell but i kicked his face and ran off again. As I ran, I could fell him jumping from wall to wall, trying to catch me. I entered the building and hided on a room. I closed the door and breathed evely. If I could hide there until morning I would be safe. "That was close." I said. "To what?" I heard from behind. I looked behind to see his bright red eye. I ran off and he followed me. After so much running he had me cornered. "Don't force me to use my kagune." He said in a low tone. I noticed a rope that lead to a block of ciment hanging in the air. I used my last strenght and tried to ran past him, grabbing the rope. I holded me by my arm and pushed me back. I pulled the rope and when he looked up I used it as a distraction and ran off. I could his scream and the sound of bones breaking. "I WILL FIND YOU AND GET YOU BACK,I SWEAR TOMOE!" Was the last thing I heard from him as I ran off. 

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