Party time

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I had to get ready for the party. Tonight Alec was going to announce about us two being together. I was happy and not happy at the same time because one girls would probably protest and two what would the rest of the boys think especially Emi.
My mum helped me with my choice of clothing and she also did my hair and make up
"You look beautiful darling" I was wearing a low black dress that hangs low at the back. I was wearing a pair of black heels. My hair is curled and my make up is nice but not over the top. I looked in the mirror and loved what I see. I look at the clock 9pm opps already late. My mum said she would drive me so I can drink. She knows I am sensible and won't drink too much. Well I hope not.

When I arrive at the party there is already people passed out on the lawn due to alcohol probably. You can hear the music playing from away down the street that's how loud it is. The music is pop related but that will soon change when I suggest some country and I'm sure people will be too drunk to notice. Already I recognise people from school Beth from my maths class comes over to me with a smile
"I love your dress it shows your beautiful figure" I look down at my body and see she is right, it does show my figure good
"Thanks I love your dress" I point to her dress and smile. She is wearing a pink champagne coloured dress which hangs down to her knees.
"Thanks so how are you doing?" She asks
" pretty damm good if you ask me you?" She laughs and nods
"Same so I heard your from Scotland I love your accent!!" She gushes
"Haha thanks yeah that's what makes me an outsider here my accent" she laughs
"So what is Scotland like?" She asks curious
I hold up a hand and count down
" cold, wet, windy, beautiful and different. I loved Scotland to be honest but it's brilliant being away from all the rain everyday if you get what I mean" she nods
"I mean you can get five different types of weather in the one day" her eyes go wide
"Really?" I nod
"Really it's that bad"
My phone breaks out to the song
American Honey by Lady Antebellum
I take my phone out of my bag, mouth sorry to Beth which she just nods and mouths that it's ok and i look at it and see a number i dont know but  I answer it anyway
"Hello?" I say curious
"Babe where are you? Are you even here?" Oh Alec
"Yeah I'm here right in the living room and how did you get this number?" I reply in a serious but joking tone
" I have my way babe oh and I see you bye" I look around and there is Alex wearing a black button down shirt and a pair of jeans. He looks hot with his hair all gelled up, I can't believe I'm going out with him. He has a grin on his face and I see him look at me up and down. Looks like we match with the black.
"Like what you see?" I say raising an eyebrow and doing a twirl. He laughs and takes me in a hug
"Definitely you look beautiful" I feel myself blushing
"Eh thanks you too" I grin at him
He takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen to where the other boys are
"Hey guys you all look hot!!!" This causes Alec to nudge me on the arm. They all eye me up
"Eyes up here boys" I purr all their eyes snap up to my face and they look embarrassed
"Awww are you all embarrassed" I spoke to them like I was speaking to babies
"Oh you wish" Jason says
"Here have a drink" he passes me a red cup full of alcohol. The standard red cups you see in the movies are what is getting used
"Thanks" I take a sip and feel the vodka burning down my throat egh!!!!!!
"You have me vodka??" I shout
"Whoa calm down its what everyone is having look" I look around and true he was right basically everyone has a red cup
"Fine" I grumble and take down the rest
"Lets do this!!!" I shout crushing the cup in my hand. The boys just laugh but Alex looks worried and walks away.
"Give me another" I shout to Jake who does what I say and passed me another but before I could drink it down I hear Alec speaking into a Mic
"Excuse me everyone can I get your attention please!!!" He shouts and everything went quite even the music got turned off.
"I have an announcement Freya where are you?" He shouts everyone turns to me so I walk to where the sound is coming from and see Alec standing there with a Mic
"there she is Freya come here please" I make my way over and smile at people as I pass. When I reach Alex he grabs my hand holds it up an I hear some gasps
"My announcement is that I have asked Freya here to be my girlfriend and she said yes which means I am he luckiest guy alive" he turns to face me and then kisses me on the lips in front of everyone. We break apart and see Jason , Jake and Emi come towards us with shocked expressions
"Lets get this party started!!!!" Alex shouts
Oh yes it has begun!!!!

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