Chapter 1

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Start: 26/07/2013

Finish: 28/06/2016

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Chapter 1:

Leaning against his black Audi, Hunter took a long drag out of his cigarette and leisurely exhaled, a river of smoke dancing its way through mouth as it faded away into the night sky. His penetrating colbalt eye's gazed up at the moon, deep in thought, as he took another drag out of his ciagarette. Every full moon, each pack would shift into their wolf and run through the forest together with their Alpha ahead, a sign of worship towards their Moon Goddess, Luna. Hunter sacrificed his time so that he could go to the first party of Senior year... and to also keep a close eye on her.

Hailey... why hadn't I realize that she's Jason Cartwright's sister?

Although she wasn't attending the party, he knew where the dance studio she practiced was and waited patiently for her... like a predator for it's prey.  Hunter furrowed his brows slighlty, flicking the filter off of his cigarette and inhaling the smoke, breathing it out again.

"So... you're convinced that this chick is your mate?"

Hunter glanced behind him to see one of his best friends, Dan, with a quizzical expression on his face.

"Yes, I'm sure of it, I felt the pull earlier on today, my attraction towards her." Hunter replied, dropping his cigarette, the muscles on his jaw clenching as well as his fists. He was furious when he found out that his mate stayed at the dance studio till late evening. Why would a 15 year-old girl be walking home alone in the dark?

"Are you absoulutely sure? I don't see it bro, and isn't she too young for you? There are other hot chicks back at West's place,"

Hunter rolled his eyes, growling lightly at his friend.

"Why can't some girls just take a hint and leave me the f#ck alone?" Hunter snarled

"Hunter,  you're a good-looking guy! I'm pretty sure you can turn a straight man gay for just one glance at this," Dan gestured his hand up and down Hunter's form. Hunter chuckled as he shook his head. "You've also inherited your mother's abnormal beauty,"

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