Chapter 42

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1 week pass by

"Are you ready sweetie" mom asked and I nodded

"Liya talk to me" mom said and I sighed

"Why can't we just live here. I love here mom. I have made new friends and I love Carlos. But you guys are taking me away. I'm not going to happy there" I said and dad sighed

"Princess you will like it there. We moving back and you can be with jess again. You know she misses you and plus you only have one month of school left. Then you either go to a college or go and find a job. It will be a good experience" dad said and I sighed

"Whatever" I said and got up.

Today was the day I get released from the hospital. I had given my statement to the police yesterday and doctor Chris said I could go home. So straight from the hospital were moving back to virginia.

"Let's go" dad said and we walked out the hospital towards dad's car.

"Sweetie sit inside" mom said and I shook my head.

"No. I know Carlos is going to come" I said and mom sighed

"He won't come. And we're going to be late" mom said

"So what mom. I don't want to move but your still making me move. Just give me 5 minutes with Carlos. Please" I said and she nodded and sat in the car with dad.

I leaned on the side wall and waited for 5 minutes but carlos never came.

"Princess we need to leave now" dad said and I nodded.

I sat in the car and dad started it.

"Rose wait" I heard someone shout and I turned around to see carlos. He walked towards my window and kissed me

"Leaving without saying bye" he said smirking

"Your late mister" I said and he chuckled

"I'll miss you" he said

"I'll miss you too" I said and he leaned through the window and kissed me on my lips

"I love you and your still by girlfriend" he said smirking and I laughed

"I love you too. And your still my boyfriend" I said and smirked

"Ok say bye because we're going" mom said

"Bye carlos" I said

"Bye rose" he said and dad drove out the hospital.

"I hate you guys" I said and listened to music.


"Princess we're here. Wake up" dad said shaking me and I nodded

I opened my eyes to see my old house. I opened my door and got out the car and went inside the house.

It was the same as we left it. Cream coloured walls and beige coloured sofas.

I walked upstairs to my room and looked around. The purple rooms had not changed at all. My room was the same. Lights around the bed and a white desk in the corner next to my window.

"Sweetie. I have talked to your principal and he has been so kind to let you back in school. You have your final exams this month so he wants you to revise. He sent you a few books Which jess will have. So I want you to revise. And dinner will be ready soon" mom said coming into the room.

"I'm not hungry" I said and she sighed and walked out the room.

My phone ran and I picked it up.

Me: hello

C: hey baby

Me: carlos...

C: I miss you already

Me: I miss you too.

C: remember you can't date okay.

Me: *laughs* I won't Carlos. You trust me right?

C: always. I need to go now. Mom's calling

Me: ok bye

C: bye he said and hung up

I hope we can get through this I thought
Hey guys
hope you like this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

A cute chapter...well I think... They have reached...


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