Chapter 18

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(Gem POV)

Yeah I Canceled Tay's Lil Date With Mr. Damien Yesterday. I Wasn't Jealous Or Anything. I Just Didnt Want Nobody Seeing Tay With Another Dude While Playing This Fake Relationship Thing. Plus I Know Him And I Know What He Is Capable Of And He A Enemy Sooo...

Anyways So I Come Out The Shower And Tays Bra Is Everywhere I Mean Hanging Off The Door And Infront Of The Mirror And One Hanging Off The Basket Of Clothes. I Dont Know How Much Times I Have To Tell Her To Stop Leaving Her Bra Everywhere.

I Headed Into The Closet And I Got Faced With A Whole Bunch Of Wrapped Gifts And I Mean Alot.

"Taaaaay" I Called.

"What?" She Said From Downstairs.

"Come Here" I Told Her.

"Why?" She Asked.

"Just Come Here" I Told Her.

I Heard Her Footsteps Coming Upstairs. Then Seconds Later Her Little Behind Appeared.

"What Sir?" She Asked.

"Shut The Door" I Told Her.

"Why?" She Asked. I Swear This Girl Ask To Many Questions.

"Just Shut The Door" I Said To Her.

She Finally Gave Up Asking Questions And Closed The Door.

"What Gemini?" She Said Leaning Against The Door.

"What Is All This?" I Asked Pointing To The Closet.

"Its Only One" She Said.

"What?" I Asked Confused Cause What I Saw Wasn't One.

"A Bra" She Said.

I Looked Down To Where She Was Pointing Then On The Closet Handle Was Indeed A Pink Polka Dotted Bra.

"You Really Need To Stop Leaving These Around" I Said To Her While Taking It Off The Door And Tossing It To Her.

"Gently Please Because These Are Expensive" She Said Walking Over To A Draw And Putting It In There.

"Whatever... But What Are These?" I Asked Opening The Closet Wider.

"Gifts" She Said.

"Did You Rob Santa Claus Or Something?" I Asked Her.

"No... I Actually Work Along Side Of Him" She Joked Walking Over And Fixing The Wrapped Boxes.

"Tay Who You Got These Gifts For?" I Asked Her Even Doe I Now One Of The People On Her List Is Me.

"Why Do I Have To Tell You?" She Asked Me Looking At Me.

"Well OK... How Much Did All This Cost Then?" I Asked. I Was Ready To Give Back All Her Money. She Shouldn't Be Doing All This.

"Idk..." She Said.

"Tay" I Said.

"Couple Th...." She Said Lowly.

"Couple What?" I Asked.

"Couple Thousands" She Said.

"Tay How Much Thousands?" I Asked Her.

"Just Know Its A Couple Thousands" She Said.

"Is This What You Using The Money For?" I Asked Her.

"No" She Said.

"Then How You Brought These Things?" I Asked Her. Last Time I Check She Ain't Got No Money Like That.

"I Have My Own Money You Know" She Said.

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