Chapter 16

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(Gem POV)

I Know What Y'all Thinking. But Hey A Mans Gotta Get Some Right Plus I Am Technically Single. About My Brother? He'll Be Alright..

"Where You Coming From?" I Asked Tay As She Tried Tip Toeing Into The Room.

"Out Jogging" She Said Closing The Door Behind Her.

"Why You Sneaking Around?" I Asked.

"Your A Light Sleeper So I Gotta Play Robber" She Said.

"Awww... You Thinking Bout My Well Being" I Joked.

"No I Just Didn't Wanna Hear Your Voice Early In The Morning" She Said.

I Swear She So Mean.


Tay Stood Over The Balcony Looking Down At The Pool. She Looked Beautiful With Her Hair Laid Soaked In Her Shoulder. I Did A Good Job On Her Hair.

"Come On Tay" Chloe Yelled.

"Your Not Scared Are You?" Teddy Said.

"No I Am Not" She Said.

Teddy Had Told Us That Tay Could Do A Double Flip Better Than Me And I Wanted To See That.

Tay Stood Over The Balcony Contemplating With Herself If She Should Actually Jump Over This Balcony And Into The Pool.

"Tay Tay Tay Tay Tay..." Everybody In The Pool Started Cheering.

"If Your Scared I Understand" I Yelled Up To Her.

She Then Stepped Onto The Balcony Railing And Got Ready To Jump And Everybody Started Whistling.

"Tay You So Fine" Rain Yelled.

Females Yell Sexual Things To Other Females And Its All Right. They Can Talk About And Touch Each Others Boobs, Butt... Anything And Its Not Gay.....

I'm Not Saying Boys Should Do That To Each Other But We Should Be Able To Touch Boobs And Ass To.

Y'all Must've Thought I Was Gone Say We Guys Should Talk Sexual To Each Other... Smh

"You Look Good Ma" Teddy Said.

Tay Struck A Smile And A Little Pose. She Really Did Look Good She Had On A Bikini With Some Shorts. Tays Stomach Was Flat. On The Lower Left Corner Of Her Stomach She Had A Tattoo. Her Boobs From Down Here They Looked Bigger... They Were Looking Good As Hell Up There Doe.

"Hit That Double Flip Cheeks" I Heard Teddy Say To Tay. Which Caused Me To Snap Out Of My Daze.

Tay Took A Deep Breath And Then She Closed Her Eyes Then Opened Them Then Jumped. She Did That Double Flip Then Dived Into The Water.

She Came Up And Everybody Started Clapping. She Took A Little Bow And Repeated The Two Words "Thank You... Thank You".

"Was I Better Or Nah?" She Asked Everyone.

"No" I Said.

"You Mutt Tay" Gio Said.

"It Was A Tie" Chloe Said.

"Tay Won" Rain Said.

"Forget All Yall Who Think Tay Better Than Me" I Said.

"Its Okay To Lose" Tay Said Causing Me To Throw Water At Her.

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