Chapter Two

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"I lie awake and watch you sleep, 

Wonder what you're dreaming, 

I make a wish upon a star,  

And hope it's me you're seeing."                                                     

- Bach's Revenge debut album, track 4


Charlie woke to rapping at her door. She rolled over and covered her head with a  pillow. "Go away!"  

"Babe," Mitch's familiar voice carried under the door, "open up."  

"I'm sleeping."  

"You're talking to me, aren't you? You're awake."  

"Ugh!" Charlie moaned. "Open it yourself."  

"Should I avert my eyes?" 

Her hand slipped from under the covers and felt Sebastian's side, as she  suspected, it was cold. "Sebastian's gone Mitch, just open the damned door!"  

The hinges creaked and the scent of freshly brewed, dark roast coffee filled the  room. She sat up and rubbed sleep from her eyes. "You brought coffee?"  

Mitch beamed and held up a take-out tray which surprisingly held three coffees.  He'd brought one for Sebastian. "One sweetener, two soy milk, just the way you like it."  

It was actually two sweeteners, one soy milk, but Mitch didn't pay attention to  details. At least he got the soy part right. He cared enough not to make her sick.  "You're so sexy first thing in the morning." He sat next to her and handed over  her coffee.  

She giggled. "Shut up."  

"Seriously." He motioned across her body. "You got the whole hot mess thing  nailed."  

"Well," she shrugged, "Who am I to argue?"  

Mitch threw Sebastian's pillow onto the ground with his free hand and leaned  back on the headboard. He was three inches or so shorter than Sebastian, so his feet  didn't dangle off the mattress the way Seb's did. "Feel better?" 

"Nope." Her eyes darted to the alarm clock perched on the bedside table. "Ask  me in about five or six hours."  

"How's he doing?"  

Charlie rubbed her neck. Mitch didn't care how Sebastian was doing. Normally  his pretending to care didn't bother her much, but today it was different. Sebastian was  the exact topic of so many arguments and she just wasn't it the mood for another one.  

"I didn't see him this morning but I imagine he isn't doing so great. Probably as  well as can be expected for someone singing for a record deal."  

Mitch shrugged and a wayward dark curl fell into his eye. "You're probably  right. He must be nervous."  

"How perceptive." She knew she was being short with him, but Sebastian was  stricken from the list of small talk between them a long time ago. The fact that Mitch  harbored false interest in Sebastian's welfare tweaked her defenses.  

"Babe," his hand settled on hers. "I'm sorry I give you a hard time about him  but I seriously don't see how it's that big a deal. You should be at my Dad's store opening with me. You belong there."  

Charlie recoiled almost as if he'd hit her. "Mitch, he's my best friend. Always has  been, the fact that you even suggest I miss the most important day of his life is ridiculous. Even for you."  

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