Chapter 41

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Liya p.o.v




God I hate my alarm clock I thought and opened them to see I was in a white room and it smelled like disinfectant.

I looked at my arm and it was in a cast, other than that I looked normal. Well to me.

Just then the door opened and mom and dad walked in.

"Oh sweetie your awake" mom said and hugged me lightly

"Yeh i am" I said and laid back down.

"Well that's good because we have packed your bags" dad said and I was confused

"What why" I said just as Carlos walked in shouting

"You can't take her away from me"he shouted at dad

"Carlos what's wrong" I asked and he turned to me

"You remember me" he said shocked and I laughed just as a doctor came in.

"Hi Liya. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. Is that okay" he said and I nodded

"Do you remember what happened to you" he said and I nodded

"Yes I was with Issac and I saw a cute dog. Dad I want a dog" I said to dad and he chuckled and nodded.

"Ok princess" he said

"So do you remember Carlos" he asked

"She doesn't need to remember him" mom said

"Yes carlos is my boyfriend" I said and carlos smiled and walked towards me and crashed his lips on mine.

I pushed him away a little.

"Carlos. Stop my parents" I said blushing and he smirked

"I love you" he said

"I love you too" I said smiling at him.

"Okay then. So I just want to say a few things. One the police will be here later so you can give your statement on the accident. And another thing is that you had amnesia for a couple of weeks but your better now. And you will be able to leave in a couple of days" he said and I nodded and he walked out the room.

"You can't take her away from me" Carlos said to dad and mom.

"She's not safe with you" mom shouted and I looked at them confused.

"What's wrong guys" I asked

"We're leaving as soon as your out of hospital. We're moving back to virginia" dad said smiling at me

"What" I shouted

"Honey calm down. Your not safe here you have already been in two accidents and I don't want anything bad to happen to you" mom said holding my hand

"But mom I like it here" I said

"I know sweetie but we're moving back. You can see jess again." Mom said

"But mom I don't want to leave" I said and dad sighed

"Princess we're moving and thats it. I don't want to here it" dad said

"But you can't do that. I love her" Carlos said and dad shrugged.

"I don't care. And don't tell me what I can't do and what I can. I am her father" dad said and Carlos sighed

"Dad I'm not leaving Carlos" I said and dad shook his head

"I don't care Rosaline. You will be leaving and thats it" dad said and he and mom walked out the room.

Carlos sat on the bed with me and I moved to the side a little.

"Sit here" I said and he got up and laid down with me

"I'm sorry Carlos" I said and laid my head on his chest

"I don't want you to see with any boy. We can do those long distance relationships but your not going to date anyone else okay rose" Carlos said and hugged me

"Date anyone else. Yeh right. I love you Carlos." I said laughing

"Good because I love you too" he said and kissed my forehead
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