A good portion of these weren't used in the story and were just ideas in the making - thank Luke for some of these, xD - but most of the ones that are earlier on numbers like 1-5 or even a little higher were most definitely used. :3 and i may have made mistakes with the numbers over the course of the story. I wrote for a while without this reference so I kind of screwed up for a good ten chapters. ^^;;

Well, yeah, that's all and hope you enjoy ~ :3

Battle Mode One: Chrome Killer 

Battle Mode Two: Mirror Minion

Battle Mode Three: Manipulation

Battle Mode Four: Yell

Battle Mode Five: Katana

Battle Mode Six: Kogemasu (Burn)

Defense Mode One: Telephone

Defense Mode Two: Electric Pulsation

Defense Mode Three: Neutralization

Defense Mode Four: EM Field

Defense Mode Five: Kaze (Wind)

Defense Mode Six: Chrome Shield


Battle Mode Seven: Suiatsu (Water)

Battle Mode Eight: Tochi (Earth

Battle Mode Nine: Mimicry 


Battle Mode Seven: Double Death Descending

Battle Mode Eight: Shadow Hunter

Battle Mode Nine: Koori (Ice)

Battle Mode Eleven: Lagrimas Del Cielo

Defense Mode Eight: Shadows Cape

Defense Mode Nine: Shadow Manipulation

Defense/Battle Mode Ten: Obscured Light

NiKagami Modes: 

NiKagami Mode One: Nullification

NiKagami Mode Two: Usurp


Battle Mode Seven: Mačete 

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