Chapter 40 Carlos p.o.v

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Carlos p.o.v

Where the hell is Rose. I waited for her after school but she wasn't there. I thought she might have gone home with Skylar so I went home. But she wasn't here.

"Carlos calm down. She will be here soon" mom said to me and I sighed

"Yeh. I'm just worried" I said just as my phone rang. I pulled it out and it said Rose 💖 is ringing

Me: oh thank god you called rose. Where are you

Issac: it's me issac

Me: what the fuck are you doing with rose's phone. Where is she

Issac: about that...Erm she's in hospital

Me: what!!

Issac: just come to the hospital and i'll explain everything he said and hung up.

"What's wrong Carlos" mom asked

"Rose" I said and walked out the house towards my car.

I sat in the car and drove to hospital. When I got there I quickly parked my car and ran inside to see Issac standing there next to the reception.

"You fucking asshole. What have you done to her" I shouted and grabbed his collar

"I didn't do anything. I promise. She was in an accident. She's in room 12" he said and I pushed him away and ran to room 12.

I opened the door to see doctor Chris and a few nurses. Rose was in bed with tubes everywhere around her.

Shit I thought as doctor Chris came towards me.

"Hello again Mr Daniel. I have called liya's parents and they are on the next flight back." He said and I nodded

"How is she and what happened" I asked

"Please follow me outside and i'll explain" he said and I nodded

We went outside and he turned to me.

"Liya was in an accident. From what we know it was a hit and run accident. The police were here a minute ago and they talked to the other guy that was with her. When she wakes up they will take her statement. Now liya is out of danger. She is unconcious at the moment though." He said looking at his chart.

"When will she wake up" I asked nervous

I don't want her to forget me again I thought

"She will be awake in a couple hours. It might even take longer than that. Now keep in mind that she has hit her left side. So her arm is in a cast and thankfully she doesn't have a broken leg. I will come back to see her later when she is awake" he said and I nodded as he walked away.

I sat down on the chair just as mom and dad came.

"What happened sweetie" she said and hugged me

"She's been in an accident again mom" I said and closed my eyes and hugged her

"She will be fine. She's a strong girl" mom said

"What if she forgets me again" I said and mom kissed my head and made me look up at her

"She won't. Liya is a strong girl and she's your Rose. She won't be able to forget you that quick. And if she does. Then it's okay. You help her remember." Mom said and I nodded just as Issac came.

"Listen carlos. I just want to say sorry. I tried to get to her but I was a little late" Issac said and I nodded

"It's okay and sorry about early" I said and he nodded

"What happened anyway" I asked confused

"She saw a cute dog and went to go and get it. And then bam a car hit her" he said and I smiled

"Yep it's definitely her. I should get her dog" I said and mom laughed just as Beth and Paul, Rose's parents came.

"You stay away from my daughter. She's been through enough." Paul said pointing a finger at me

"He didn't do anything" dad said to him.

"Oh yes he has. If she never met him this wouldn't happen. We're moving back to Virginia" Beth said crossing her arms

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