BOBBY ~ Broken Rain pt. 2

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Note: Here's the part 2! I hope you guys will enjoy reading this.



"Hey Bobby, are you okay? It seems that you are not with yourself since the past few days." I asked him as we look into each other.

"Honestly, I am not. I am just waiting for the right time to say this cause I am still hesitating. But..." He paused. My heart is beating so fast in nervousness. I think this is something serious.

"You can tell it to me. I can understand." I said and smiled sheepishly, trying to look okay.

"My ex-girlfriend, Hyemi. She wants to have a closure with me and she wants to see me today." I glanced away and bit my bottom lip. I looked outside the window, watching the rain pouring down.

"Then see her. Maybe she just can't accept that you are already with someone." I said. Actually, it damn hurts. But I still try to look fine.

Me and Bobby has been together for already 1 month. Our relationship works out without any problem. We love each other so much. That's why I need to be strong no matter what.

"Is it okay with you _______?" He held my hand and stared at me in the eyes. I held his hands too and smiled.

"Of course. It's okay as long as you love me. Remember the first day I met you at the park?" He shyly smiled and looked down.

"You listened to my problems even though I don't know you that time. Now, I'll be the one to understand you. Maybe Hyemi misses you already." I chuckled.

When he looked at me again, I saw tears pooling down his face. I wiped it quickly and asked him,

"Why are you crying Bobby? Did I say something wrong?" I worriedly asked.

"I am just... very happy to have you _______. And that day was the most unforgettable." He smiled at me with a smile in his face.

"I am so happy too Bobby. You know what's cool? Today is raining, too." We both laughed. I don't even know why. Maybe 'cause the first day we met was still fresh inside our mind.

"Come with me as I see Hyemi." He then said.

"W-Why?" I curtly asked him with my furrowed eyebrows.

"I want to tell her that my heart is already owned by ______. And you, you will be my last." He caress my face and kissed my forehead, my nose then my lips.

"Okay. I'll go with you as you talk to her. I won't let Hyemi steal you from me." I pinched his nose and kissed him again.


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