The Trials of the Core

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As Edwyrd Eska approaches his two-hundredth year as Guardian of the Core, he must find an Apprentice to train under him. His title and role compels him to safeguard and govern his universe, Gladonus, as each Guardian before him has done and those after him shall continue to do until relieved of such duties by will of the Ancients. Prince Hydro Paen, Eirek Mourse, and Zain Berrese—amongst other contestants—receive invitations to compete in a quest of Trials intended to determine who becomes Eska’s Apprentice. An old adage goes: “the toughest trials test you truest” – and these events challenge their fortitude through tenuous partnerships, intellectual rivalries, and battles of weapons’ mastery. Along the way, each contestant must attempt to overcome personal demons that haunt them. In this tale of ideal dreams and lucid aspirations, these competitors find theirs threatened by deceit, betrayal, sabotage—and even flesh—as all become vital to success…


***Author Note*** I decided to add my "Author Confessional" to this particular part of the story because, before you start reading, I really want you to know what you can expect out of the book and to let you know why I started writing it. Hope you like it and if you continue on with the book, I hope you like that as well! Thanks!

*** Author's Note *** I have decided to upload this book onto Kindle Direct Publishing which means that the rest of this story is no longer available on Wattpad. Anyone wanting to read this story should go to and look for it as it will be there and ONLY THERE for, at minimum, the next 90 days. Again, I thank all of my readers and followers for support and I hope to see you on Amazon.

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