Chapter Three; Stowaway

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"Thank you," she said to the men and then dismissed them as she sat behind her desk.

The boy sat on the other side with his hands still tied together. He watched her with a frown prominent on his face. He looked like he had questions.

"Pirate's don't say thank you."

"Your point?"

"I'm not so sure I'm on a pirate ship."

Tetra laughed. "Trust me, boy, you're on a pirate ship," she said, then she leaned forward, bracing herself with her elbows on the desk. "Although it's a..." she trailed off and shook her head. "We're not your average pirate ship."


Tetra scowled. This boy certainly was brave, talking to a captain like he was. "Who are you?" she asked.

The boy leaned forward in the chair, his arms scrunched awkward behind him. "Name's Link," was all he said before turning the question back. "Who are you?"

Tetra narrowed her eyes. "You don't know who I am?"

"Should I?"

Tetra let out a 'tch' and leaned back, folding her arms in annoyance. "My name is Tetra, I command the ship you are on. Hylia is its name."

"Tetra?" he asked, as though recalling a memory. "That ancient name? Or like that pirate that raids tax ships?"

"... That's not all we-... Yes. Where the heck have you been? My name is known-"

"I believe the phrase would be... living under a rock. I don't really know much about the sea. So pirates aren't on my need to know list."

Tetra scowled. "You don't have a filter, do you?"

"... Nope," he replied as he shrugged to the best of his ability.

"Learn to," she growled.

"From prison master to my mother?"

Tetra slipped a small dagger from her sleeve and played with it as she tried to decide whether or not she could kill the annoying little- no. Impa would be displeased if she did that. She slammed the knife into the table and she took a little pleasure from seeing the stowaway flinch from the force. "Test me and I slit your throat."

He swallowed but kept up his bravado. "And why don't you?"

She raised an eyebrow. "You want me to?" she asked as she reached towards the hilt of the embedded knife.

"No! I just meant... why aren't you? Aren't pirates all cutthroat and stuff?"

"You really don't know much about pirates..."


Tetra sighed. "Well, we don't get anything from you if you're dead. It's not like you have gold flowing from your pockets, or you'd have hired a ship instead of being a stowaway on mine."

"I just didn't want to attract attention."

"Like you could afford it. You look like a beggar."

"And you get so mad when people judge you," Link scoffed.

"What do you mean?"

"Your judgment is a little off. I could afford to buy a ship, not just gain passage."

Tetra's eyes narrowed. "Oh? If you're worth that much... You really shouldn't have told that to a pirate."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know, yet. I like to plan things."

"Listen," Link said, his voice starting to sound business like. It was a vast difference in tone, and she much preferred the one before. "I need to get to Farren."


"Never mind why."

"I do mind," she said as she leaned forward. "Why," she repeated.

"Personal reasons," he replied with a scowl. "I can pay you a great deal to make it happen."

Tetra tilted her head. "How much is a great deal?"

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