The surprise

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Alec kept trying to get my attention throughout the whole period.
"Princess!" I soul glance at him and look away. I kept doing this as it was quite funny
"Princess!!!!" He said louder
"ALEC GET OUTSIDE NOW!!!!" shouted Mr Bell, Alec's head snapped in the teacher's direction
"But sir!" Protested Alec
Mr Bell pointed at the door. Alec got up got his bag and looked at me weird he dropped his bag grabbed my face and kissed me right in front of everyone!!!!
The kiss was long and meant something. I could feel his hot breath hitting off my mouth. He tasted sweet. Wait ...what ... what am I doing, I pulled away and still felt the tingle on my lips.
"Freya you too both out NOW!!!!!! You both have detention after school" now it was my turn to protest, everyone looked as shocked as me and burst out laughing. The heat was rising up to my face
"Fine" I mumble, I gather my books.
Detention!!!! I have never had a detention in my life and now I do because of a stupid jerk!!!! Who does he think he is kissing me without my consent!!!!!
As we got out the door I started hitting him on the chest
He begins to open his mouth to say something but I cut him off
AND KISSING ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT IS NOT ALLOWED!!!!!" I scream at him, I was about to say more but he pressed his lips against mine once more. I didn't know what to do. Do I kiss him back? Do I stop? Without thinking I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer our lips still pressed together. I have never ever kissed anyone in my life and I just realised that Alec stole my first kiss.
We pull away and feel my lips the sensation still stuck to them.
"That was hot!!!!!" Alec says
The bell cut off what I was going to say.
Alec holds out his hand and I grab it for no reason.
We walk down the corridor and I feel the stares from all the students. We walk the opposite way from my next class
" Alec where we going?" I ask
"Shh" he leads me outside to the benches at the football field. He sits down and so do I
" are you ok?" I ask worried
" I don't know what to say" he says he looks down at our hand which are still together.
" right stay there don't move" he goes behind me and I feel fabric going over my eyes, he tightens the blindfold at the back
"Alec ?" I try to reach out to him where ever he is
" stay I'll be right back" it seemed like 15 minutes before I heard him come back.
"Alec is that you?"
" yes princess stay there a minute " I nod
He unties the blindfold a minute later.
I gasp at the sight in front of me.
There was rose petals making out a sentence
" will you be my girlfriend? " I read and there next to it was Alec holding a bunch of roses and on one knee.
A bit cheesy but I love it
I run over to him and hug him
"Yess" he spins me around and holds onto me tight. He puts me down and he hands me the roses.
"Thanks" I lean up and kiss him right on the lips
" me and you princess forever" he says against my lips
" so when did you figure you liked me?" I asked looking into your eyes
" I know this will sound cheesy but I have liked you since I first saw you. When I saw you come off that bike with Jason I thought wow you look hot you still do by the way. I loved your red leather jacket and your red mini skirt an those cute boots which you still have on." He points down to my boots
"I love your smile, your face, your personality,  the way you look everything. I love the way you laugh, the way you walk, your voice, I love the way your hair shines in the sun, I love your eyes I love everything about you" he wraps his arms around my waist and pulled me close
"I lo...." we were interrupted by someone shouting
"Sugar!!!" Alec says gathering up all the rose petals off the ground
I laugh "that's adorable" I say giggling Alec looks at me
"Whats adorable?" I just point at him
"Sugar instead If shit" he rolls his eyes
"Don't ruin my reputation princess" he says
We turn around an see the rest of the boys jogging up to us
"Hey Freya why you so red?" I notice Dawson is with them
"Oh you met Dawson" Jason says
I nod. Alec looks at me and points to Dawson
"Thats the guy you said was hot I'm jealous babe!!!" He pouts and I laugh. I lean closer to him and whisper "your hotter babe" he smiles and picks me up and twirls me around
"Party at my house tonight guys!!" Alec says an the boys whoop.
"Whats going on between you too?" Jake asks looking between me and Alec
"Nothing" Alec says
" I'll announce at the party babe tonight" he whispers

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