A fight for romance on the final day.

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Okay so those of you who aren't from the USA on 9/11/01 is the date that turned america around. Terrorists attacks took place. 2 planes crashed into the twin towers in new york, 1 plane crashed into the pentagon in washington dc . Everyone was in shock and it's the 10th year anniversary this weekend, we've dedicated a memorial to remember the people who passed that day. So there is the summary now here's my story.


9/11/01 at 5:00 am

Angela was sitting at home getting ready for her job at the Twin Towers, aka New York Trade Center. She worked at a realastate agency on the 99th floor. She was getting in her car to start the busy day. 'Why... all the time,.....i have to wake up so early!' Angela thought. 

9/11/01 at 7:30am

"Mr. sherman heres your coffee let me go run these copies upstairs and I'll be right back" Angela smiled. "OK hey, Angela... I have been wondering if i can talk to you, um in private?" Nick Sherman asked twiddleing with his fingers. "Umm sure, I'll meet you down in the park at noon, i gotta pick up my daughter from daycare." Angela said walking away. 'I hope i'm getting a raise" Angela thought. 

"Hey Matt how's the new job going." Angela asked as she's waiting for her coffee. Matthew or Matt was the new mailman, he was offerablly young, good looking, and loved music. "Huh?, oh sorry Angela, it's going great, and here you go." he said yanking out his headphones and handing her several letters.

"Aah always interesting" Angela said shuffling through her mail. 


9/11/01 at 7:45am 

"Mommy I love central park." said sweet sophia, Angelas daughter, she's 4 and has a sweet smile with blonde curly hair. "Nice! So Mr. Sherman you wanted to speak with me?" Angela asked putting Sophia down to play with a nearby child. "Umm, Angela, I know your single, we've known each other for a while........and.....i-i-i.......I wanted to know if you would like to have dinner with me tonight.?" Nick spat out. 'Oh god did i scare her?' Nick thought. 

"I would love that.... O gosh i forgot my cell phone i gotta go bye see you at 8?" Angela said grabbing Sophia's hand. 

Angela's pov

9/11/01 at 9:58am

Damn it i can't believe I forgot my cell phone. It took a minute before I got to my office. "Hey Sophia" I said cuddling with my daughter. I smelt burning then i looked out my window to see a huge crash. I heard blood curtling screams. It all happened so fast. My arms jolted back and I lost my arms around sophia. "SOPHIA, BABY WHERE ARE YOU, SOPHIA SOMEONE HELP ME HELP PLEAS O SOPHIA BABY I LOVE YOU SOPHIA"  I screamed. I was not leaving without my baby. "MOMMMY, MOMMY HELP IT HURTS MOMMY" I heard a Sophia cry. 

I found her under my desk i grabbed her and ran. Eveything was crowded, I could barely breath with this smoke, I looked at sophia. "Mommy I love you too... I'll see you after i take a nap." she coughed. "NO SOPHIA! baby listen to me stay awake breath into mommy's shirt" I said looking down to see little Sophia's head cockeyed. I stopped and lay her down. She was gone. My heart dropped in an instant. "No baby" i cried inhaling the fumes. I layed and cried next to my baby.

May you be in peace. I heard Sophias favorite story play in my head. I got up and looked to see her tiny chest moving. I ran to the exit but there was no hope i ran back to my office andit got hazing. Next thing I knew I was dead. Memories played in my head. 


May peace be with you, and your loved ones. 


Let me know if it was a good story need feedback.

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