Chapter 1: Dearest Kaiser

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My dearest Kaiser,
It hasn't been much long since you've left, however I just can't seem to go a second without thinking about you. Your brown hair and minty green eyes, they're all I seem to imagine. My dreams and thoughts, they only consist of you. My dear Kaiser, I can't wait for this all to be over. I yearn for the day you can talk to our little baby. As a matter of fact, what shall we name him? Or her. Oh I'd love a daughter! I'd dress her up in the most adorable dresses. Granted, most things are grey nowadays, but she would still look lovely.

Kaiser, how have you been? I know how scared you were when they said you would have to go train and fight. Especially after my big news! But alas, you went anyway. But that's okay. I'll be here waiting for you arrival, and greet you with a big kiss when you get home! Would you like that Kaiser? I'd also make a big meal, because I'm sure you'd be dying to eat my food again.

My, just thinking about the day you come back fills me with delight. You know, every night since you left I dreamt about you, me, and our little baby in a snug home just outside of Frankfurt. Oh, wouldn't that be nice? I can't wait for this to be over. I can't wait for you to meet our baby. I've been thinking about names a lot. But, I'd really like your help. I realize you might not be able to write much, but even if you write a small letter, it will bring me so much joy.

The news has been on quite a lot lately, and usually our neighbors just talk about these events. They say this war will be brutal, but I'm hopeful that it won't be bad, and this conflict will be solved peacefully.

I wish it didn't have to happen. After Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed, everything went to hell. Or, so the radio said. I know you were at work when it aired, but truly, it was heart breaking. I like to think that if he wasn't assassinated, we wouldn't be apart. It's cruel, how the world has become. It's like no one wants peace. Everyone is out to strike and everyone wishes to kill. Now, Germany is involved and I hear other nations as well.

I haven't heard much about what the soldiers are going through. I suppose all the other wives are waiting for a letter like I am. Oh Kaiser, so many women are worried. But I promise to remain hopeful. You'll come home, and we will spend our Sunday afternoons together like always.

Kaiser, do you remember our first date? I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember when we met, too. For me, it was love at first sight. With just one look at you as you fed a horse a sugar cube from your hand, I knew you were the one. I sound a bit Shakespearean, but it's the truth. I wonder if you felt the same when I came to buy a horse from you.

You were so kind, and your voice was so calming. I have always said I loved the gentle deepness of your voice. You were so tall, so handsome. Your hair was messy, but I couldn't help but want to run my fingers through it. I admired the milk chocolate color. I found it to be so attractive. I still do. And your minty-green eyes were so passionate. I love they way they look at me. That's never changed about you. The way you look at me, it makes me feel so special. Like I'm precious to you. I love your skin and the little freckles that surround your nose and envelop your cheeks. I love your large hands, and how well they hold mine. I love your charisma and ambition.

Oh, and I really love it when you sing. I know how much you love singing too, but I especially enjoy it. Every night before bed when I couldn't sleep, you would always, always sing to me. And though it hasn't been long, I miss your singing.

As hopeful as I am that you will return safely, of course I still have my doubts. My nightmares. There have been so many stories of soldiers dying after all; I don't want you to be part of those stories. So of course because of this worry, it is often hard for me to go to sleep. Sometimes I try to remember you singing to me. Whether it be a nursery rhyme or a long song, I try my best to think of your soothing voice. However in the end it doesn't work, and I end up laying in bed for over an hour just staring at the ceiling. I try to convince myself you will be alright. Dame, I say, don't worry, Kaiser will come home before you know it and when he does we'll move into a bigger house for the baby, and live just like we used to. When I think like that, it becomes easier to begin to fall asleep. But if you were here, it would be much easier. With your strong arms around me, and the gentleness of your singing, nights right now would be so much easier to endure.

But other than that, I haven't been too bad. I go to the market still, and still clean and go about my day like usual. I realize I'll have to make money doing something, but that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. However, now that I'm pregnant, I hope whatever I get into isn't too laborious. Perhaps I'll get into your line of work and sell horses. Or perhaps I'll start selling quilts like I always wanted. I have been wanting to get back into sewing after all. You should know, since I talked about it all the time.

Well, I'm about to try and get to bed. Write back soon, Kaiser. I'm always thinking about you.

Love always,

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