Nine: Awoken

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Your POV

"Julius what are you doing building a sandcastle your 16" "and your 18" "what that have to do with anything?" "oh I just thought we were saying our, do you want to help me with my super awesome amazing sand castle" "hmm......fine" .......... "No you've ruined the super awesome amazing sand castle" "sorry I didn't mean to the water just spilled"

The memory started fading away but I didn't want it to but a new one started to appear. I was laying in Ross' bed with Ross and he was holding me. He had his chin on the top of my head and we were just laying there.

"You know I love you right?" "Yes I know that Ross, and I love you too" "and I don't want you to ever leave me" "well everything dies" "thats not what I meant" " I know" " promise you won't ever leave me" "I'll never leave you for as long as I live" "I promise one day I'll marry you"

The memory started fading away as I thought that he wouldn't get to marry me, because I killed myself. The thought of me never seeing him again made me cry, well if i could cry I would be crying.

"I'm just sad for Ross" I heard a voice say. "I know he's just stays here holding (y/n)s hand." A female voice spoke. Wait I remember when my mom told me that when you wake up from a coma you can hear everything thing! I'm finally waking up!

Ross' POV

I stared at (y/n)s beautiful face. All I cared about was her, I didn't even care about Adam and Alesa talking about me. "Oh (y/n) when will you wake up?" I questioned. "Ross visiting time is almost over" Adam warned. It was at that moment I felt (y/n)s hand squeeze mine."A-Adam I think she's waking up!" I exclaimed. "What?" Alesa asked. "She's waking up" I said happily.

Adam, Alesa and I were all watching (y/n), waiting for her to wake up. After about 2 minutes of watching her, her eyes fluttered open. "(Y/n)!" I yelled with joy as Adam and Alesa cheered. "Ross!" (Y/n) spoke, her voice a little shaky. "(Y/n)! I love you so much!" I exclaimed. "I love you too Ross, I'm so sorry for what I did" she said. "Don't be, After what Rachel did.." I replied. "What?" She asked. "Oh um I tell you later"I said.

(Y/n) is finally awake! And I'm so happy about it!

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