Chapter One Hundred Four

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When Charlie returned, he quickly showered to get any dragon fluids off of him, before he entered the bedroom. Anora was lying on her stomach, asleep with Iggy asleep on her back. He could hear the loud purring, which had probably put Anora to sleep quickly. He climbed onto the bed slowly careful not to wake her or disturb his highness, Sir Iggy.

Of course, as soon as he lied down, Iggy opened up one eye and flicked an ear. Charlie narrowed his eyes and motioned the cat to be quiet by pressing a finger to his lips.

Iggy's purring grew louder and the cat took the opportunity to stretch himself out on Anora's back, while kneading at her shoulders.

"Stop that." Charlie mouthed at the cat.

Iggy was all sprawled out as if he was claiming Anora as his own.

"It's bad enough I have to fight Roscoe half the time, don't you start." Charlie said with a warning tone.

"What did Roscoe do?"Anora lifted her head up instinctively upon hearing the name.

Charlie shook his head. "Nothing, go back to sleep."

Anora yawned and rested her head back on the pillow. "When did you get back?" she asked.

"A little while ago. I had to take a shower...I was covered in dragon bogeys."

"Ew." Anora said pulling her blanket over her face. "Gross, Charlie."

"Oh but don't you want to give me a hug?" he said outstretching his arms playfully.


"But I showered."

"How did you get dragon snot all over you?"

"Sultan sneezed on me."

"Then no, I definitely don't want to hug you." she said scooting away from him.

"Yes you do." he said nearing her.

"Charlie, no, stop!"

"Just one hug." he pouted.

"No! Absolutely not! I refuse!"

"I'm getting a hug!" he said going for it, but instead Anora whipped back only for the two of them to hear Iggy howl as he was launched off her back.

The two quickly turned around to see the cat land lightly on his feet, but shot them the meanest look in existence.

"Sorry Iggy!" Anora told him as the cat stalked out of the room. "Now look at what you did...poor Iggy."

"Poor Iggy?! I'm the one who faced Sultan today and got him to take his medicine."

Anora looked at him. "You did?"

"I did."

"How? Did you use magic?"

"Nope, I did it the old fashion way."

Anora raised a brow. "What is the old fashion way?"

"I stuck my hands in his nostrils and waited for him to open his mouth."

"Oooh Charles you're quite clever." she smirked at him.

"I am and as a reward for my cleverness, I would like a hug."

"Fine." she said wrapping her arms around him, as the couple cuddled into each other. "Happy now?"

"Yes, very happy."

As the sun began to set on the day, Charlie and Anora sat outside their home. Iggy had forgiven them as he was in front of Anora as she played with him with a string. The cat swatted at it before rolling on his back, biting down on the string as if he was killing his prey.

Anora couldn't stop laughing as she remembered when Iggy was only a kitten and absolutely afraid of everything including his own shadow. Now he was a mighty predator, destroying any string or toy that entered his path.

Charlie looked over and watched the two of them. Anora's face was lit up with amusement as if she were playing with a child.

He smiled, thinking back to the first day he had met Anora. How shy and quiet she had been, afraid of what other would thinking of her. But she had blossomed into one of the toughest women he had ever met, and the most beautiful.

Locks of her white hair whipped about in the light breeze that resembled wisps of clouds. He reached out and tucked the strands behind her ear making her look over at him.

He didn't say anything as his fingers trailed along her jawline.

"What is it?" she asked him.

"Nothing." he smiled warmly at her. "I just...I love you a lot."

"I love you more." she countered.

"Oh that's not possible, Anora."

"How is it not?"

"Because you can't even begin to even contemplate how much I love you. Thus, you cannot love me more than I love you."

Anora bit her lip trying to think of something to say in return but she waited too long giving Charlie the victory.

"Yay." he said quietly clapping his hands together. "I win."

"For now..." she said, a hint of mischief in her eyes as she arose to her feet, leaving Iggy with the string.

Charlie's eyes followed her as she entered the home.

"Where are you going?" he asked standing up.

"Inside. I thought it was obvious."

"Yes, but why are you going inside?"

She shrugged. "Because I can."

"I feel like there's more to this." he said walking in behind her.

"There might be." she winked at him. "But you better hurry, I might change my mind."

Charlie waited until her back was turned as he walked over and scooped her up, holding her over his shoulder.

"Have you changed your mind yet?" he asked.



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