Chapter. 6

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Connor's Point of View:

"Did he do that before you were Alpha?" I asked him.

As he turned the light off and moving to lay down next to me. He nodded and told me to lay down facing him, as I put my head down I felt him press a light kiss on my neck. I leaned closer into him as I closed my eyes and his breathing slowed and so did mine.

I woke up before Logan and found his arms around my waist, I slid out of his hold. I went to his drawer and opened it, finding a white shirt putting it on. Slowly going down stairs, I didn't hear anyone so I went to the Kitchen to see a little girl eating cereal, she looked up at me and smiled.

"Hi." She said waving

"Hi, what's your name?" I asked sitting across from her.

"Crystal, yours." She said smiling reaching her hand out.

"Connor." I said shaking her hand. I heard a little cough from behind me, I turned around to see Logan smiling at me and leaning against the wall.

"Good Morning Logan!" Crystal yelled running to Logan wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Morning Crystal." He said smiling down at her then to me.

I shivered as his eyes burned a fire into mine. Crystal unwrapped her arms and went back to her seat eating the rest of her cereal and I smiled at how cute she is, I noticed Logan come up behind me laughing in my ear.

"Good Morning Kitten." He growled playfully nipping my ear, and I groaned lowly.

"Are you two Mates?" Crystal asked snapping me out of Logan's trance. Logan looked down at his little sister and so I did too, we nodded at the same time.

"How do you know Crystal?" He asked taking a seat next to me at the table.

"It's kinda obvious, because your smiling Logan and Connor over here is blushing like crazy." She said smiling at the two of us.

"We better get going, I'll see you later Crystal and don't tell anyone we're Mates yet." He said grabbing my hand pulling me out the door to his truck.

Logan's Point of View:

I love the feeling of his hand of mine as we walked to the truck, I brought him to his side and opened the door for him. He climbed in and sat down, I reached over buckled him in and he looked at me blushing. I closed his door and got into the driver's seat, I drove off to school ready to face my pack. I stopped the car and looked at Connor.

"You Ready?" I asked squeezing his hand.

"Yes." He said taking his buckle off and getting out.

I got out of the truck and met Connor in front of it waiting for me, I smiled at him and he smiled back. He nervously picked up my hand in his as we both shivered from the sparks, I started to walk and he was right next to me, we walked to first period and sat down. I heard a couple growls behind me, because they were the unmated girls.
Connor sat next to me squeezing my hand, I looked over at him and smiled. I leaned over put my lips to his forehead lightly and pulled back seeing everyone looking at us, i growled. Their eyes all snapped forward, some were smiling and others were glaring at him.

"Are you okay Kitten?" I asked whispering in his ear and he looked at the floor.

"No." He said still looking at the ground.

It is a good thing I decided to sit in the back today because gently picked Connor up and sat him on my lap. He gasped then leaned back against me, I traveled my nose up his neck as he made a whimper only for me to hear. I bit his ear lightly and sucked on the lobe for a few, he groaned and i growled.

"Logan." He whimpered clutching the desk a little.

"Yes Kitten?" I asked wrapping my arms

"What are you doing." He asked shuddering against me.

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