Part 25 😥

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So for about 4 days you were seeing Raphael while you were seeing Leonardo. You Told Raphael you would tell Leo that it isn't really working out especially since you got your memory back. You walked into their home unexpected. They were all eating Pancakes. You walked up to everyone. "Hey Y/N Whats up gurly?" Mikey asked. "Oh i was actually hoping i can talk to Leo and Raphael outside or somewhere private." They all looked at each other but The two boys followed your instructions. You followed behind. You ended up in The dojo area. You cleared your throat "So..Um Leonardo. I had gotten my memory back. I feel like i should be explaining more but I think that's the most you really need to know and My feelings for Raph have Risen again and I just.. i feel weird remembering everything that happened between me and Him and Now dating you. It, in my own way feel's awkward. So I just. Would it be ok if we were just friends. And Raphael, would it be ok if we were just friends. I just..I cannot hide it anymore otherwise Problems would form and i gotta tell the both of you that..I love you. And i just cannot choose one. Please please don't be upset, I can understand if you are and you probably are but I don't want any issues.-" "YEA! WELL YA JUST MADE ONE!" Raphael spat. You jumped at his reaction but you didn't expect any-less. Leo was probably holding it all in. "Please Raphael. I'm only trying to do what would be best for our friendships." "No! This is about what YOU want and not what My feelings involve." "No Ra-" "YEA it IS!" Raph stormed out. "Leo i'm sorry i didn't mean to make a mess of things. Its apparently all i'm good at." you sulked. "Dont make this about yourself, Y/N." Your eyes were starstruck as you started to look up at him. You thought leo would support you and understand. Leo left you. "Am i being selfish?" You asked yourself outloud. "Is this really all about what I want? no one else?" Your eyes started to weep and your heart felt like a witch was tearing it out of you. Like your soul was being devoured. You covered your mouth with both of your hands and collapsed. Splinter watched from afar and the decided to walk over. "Y/N.." he calmly started. You gasped as you saw him walked over. "Oh god, Mr. Splinter. I did something Selfish but..I didn't m-mean to. I was trying to keep problems from happening but..I made a huge one. And i dont think i can fix it. I know you've probably noticed the love triangle with me Raph and Leo but I do love them. I just don't think I can do it anymore. I just wanna be Family. I-I dont think i can do the relationship thing, i would hurt them i feel like. Just like back there when i told them i couldn 't date either." You sobbed. He lowered himself as he put his hand on your weeping shoulder. "My child. Your the most unharmful person i've ever met. I know you would never mean any harm. But what you did, was brave. but i think you should leave for awhile. Let them get used to it." You sniffed with the wipe of your sleeve nodded. "Thank you so much...Sensei." He smiled and said "I have to go watch my Soaps but I will always be here for you." Sorry for it being short,I will work on it some more :D I LOVE YOU ALL! Please vote and comment positively :3

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