Chapter 01

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Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for all your support and your kindness. It's such a privilege to get to celebrate Wattpad in this Wattpad Block Party, which is where this sneak peek first appeared. This novella is set long before the events of Identity Revealed, but the only spoilers it contains relate to the back stories of Naatos, AaQar, WroOth, and QueQoa. Nothing that should diminish the surprises later in the series.

For further clarification, they are all quite young, but given the way that Vawtrians age, physical years would not mean much. WroOth is the equivalent of a five to six year old, and Naatos the equivalent of a twelve year old, and AaQar the equivalent of a fourteen year old.

Also as I mentioned before, I commissioned this cover from seventhstar . And as you can see, she is an incredible artist. But in addition to being a great developing artist, she is also an up and coming writer. I fully expect to see many more great things from her in the future. So check her work out and support her. 

Now without further ado, let's dig into this novella. It may wind up being a novel by the time all is said and done. I hope you enjoy, and I can't wait to talk to you soon. Have a wonderful day!



WroOth curled beneath OsiLanai's arm, resting his head on her chest. Occasionally she stroked his hair back or kissed his forehead before returning her focus to her knitting and the soft clack clack of her needles. Nearby, the fire popped and sizzled within the cracked stone hollow as AaQar placed another log on. He then returned to sit on the floor next to a pile of knives, daggers, and spears. Despite being the oldest, AaQar was often the quietest. WroOth wondered how he could sit in silence for so long and yet seem so perfectly content. Eventually all that quiet became boring. A hot scent rose from the whetstone. Or perhaps from the fire. WroOth wasn't certain.

The door creaked open, and Naatos walked in with a gust of damp air. Night was nearly there, and if the smell was any indication, rain wouldn't be far behind. He carried an armful of coarse hewn logs and dragged a sackful of smoked meat behind him. "Father isn't back yet," Naatos said. "But the smokehouse needs to be cleared again. It's full of ash. I can finish it before nightfall."

"Come rest for awhile." OsiLanai set her knitting down and motioned for him to come near. "He'll return when he returns."

Naatos dropped the logs into the box. Bits of bark and shards of wood broke off, settling on the sanded slab floor. "Still has to be done."

"You're still a child, Naatos." OsiLanai smiled. A faint dimple formed in her left cheek.

WroOth poked her cheek. Why did that hole only appear when she smiled?

OsiLanai caught his hand, pushing it down. "WroOth..." She looked back to Naatos. "Just sit and rest, Naatos. You too, AaQar. You boys have done well, but —"

"Will you tell us a story?" WroOth asked eagerly, sitting up.

"Yes." OsiLanai threaded the yarn back over her fingers and began knitting once more. "What story should I tell?"

"The red dragon!" WroOth jumped up on the cushions and began leaping up and down. "Tell us the red dragon story!"

AaQar and Naatos groaned. "Not again, WroOth," Naatos growled.

AaQar rolled his eyes as he passed one of the knives to Naatos. "Three times a week is enough."

Naatos began sharpening the blade. Its soft shoonk shoonk rose above the crackling of the fire. "If only it were just three times a week."

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