To Love or Not To Love. That's the Question

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In this relationship I wasnt feelin shit. And I kno you felt the same shit. Which mean we wasn't feelin shit unless it was with my dick. So let's just go our on way. Then maybe one day. We might find the love that we both tried to portray. At least neither one of us was in love. Cuz being in love is something we both kno a lot of. But something was missing. Could it have been the candle light dinners. Or could it had been the feeling that wasn't present when both of us finished. Whatever it was. We kno we didn't have it. And love is truly something I need because sad to say, I'm an addict. There is truly nothing better than the feeling of love. Her smell, her lips, her taste, her hugs. When your in love you kno. Something that you don't wanna let go. Some feeling that you can't explain but you kno. And when your around each other together you glow. And the way that you click together you flow. That's all I want in life is love. Love. True love... But fuck love. Everybody say that they love. But what do I gotta do to get your love. Love hurts love is painful. Well the love that I've seen. Seems like its always one sided. Nobody loves like they should anymore. So when I find love. Give me that old time love. Baby my love. I'm waiting...

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