Zayn- "I'm sorry Y/N, I have 2 world tours in 2 years, and this baby will hold me back," he says walking up and down. You just had found out you were 2 months pregnant even though you and Zayn have been dating for 3 years having a baby wasn't in your plans but it happened. "I'm really sorry but I can't." Were the last words Zayn said before walking out on you and the baby.
~ 4 years later ~
After both your parents past away your brother Joseph came to live with you to help you out with your 4 year old son AJ. "Mommy where is Uncle Joe going," your son blurs out. "He's going to get a tattoo while we go to Aunt Becky's to meet her new baby." Joe came back from the tattoo parlor to tell you he would be there for 3/4 hours, since his car had broken down you would sometimes drive him around. While you and Becky talked AJ was playing with Becky's son Gavin, until he came in crying. "Sweetie what's wrong," you say trying to calm him down. "Why don't I have a daddy like Gavin," he says looking into your eyes. He had Zayn's big brown eyes and it hurt you every time he would ask about him. It killed you to lie to your son about why Zayn wasn't with you. "Once you're older you'll understand everything," was all you could say at the moment. Even though your brother Joe would take him to get ice cream, and play in the park, he still needed Zayn next to him. After leaving Becky's house you went back to the tattoo parlor with your brother. "Take Anthony to the park or something I'm going to be here for a little longer than an hour," your brother says. "Fine call me when you're done. Come on baby lets go get ice cream." "Yay!" he says jumping up and down a chair. "Anthony Javadd Y/L/N get down from that chair." "Ok mommy I'm sorry," he says getting down. "Y/N." you hear a voice calling you. Once you turn around you see Zayn standing there with his mouth open. "Is he my son?" "Come on honey, Joe I'll be back later" you say before walking out but with Zayn following you. "Mommy who's the man following us," your son says scared. "Y/N please wait we need to talk." "Talk about what, about how you left me when I needed you most," you say picking up your son. "I'm sorry I didn't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry for leaving you and my son, I tried calling you and looking for you but I couldn't find you until today. Please take me back and try to work things out." Even after 4 years you still loved Zayn with all your heart but you weren't sure about it. "Mommy who is he." Before you could answer him Zayn said, "I'm your dad." You saw a special glow in your son's eyes after he heard those three words. "Is he really my dad? Can I give him a hug?" you couldn't say a words since you were in tears so you just nod. Zayn embraced him in a big bear hug. "Do you want to go get ice cream little man?" "Can we mommy, can we!" They both started doing puppy dog eyes and pouting their mouths so you gave in. "Y/N sorry if I keep insisting but will you please give me a second chance, I want to be part of our son's life. I know leaving you was the biggest mistake in my life. And if I lose you both again I would never forgive myself." I don't know Zayn, I don't want you hurting me or AJ. I have to think about it," you say looking over at AJ who was smiling like never before. "Is daddy going to live with us mommy." "I still don't know AJ," you say still thinking if you should give Zayn a second chance as you head back to the tattoo parlor. The next time you see Zayn he has AJM which is Anthony Javadd Malik tattooed on one of his arms. "Zayn that's not his name its AJ Y/L/N," you say. "Y/N I like your last name but you and our son should have my last name, don't you think." "Who knows, maybe we will in the future." You say as you both watch your son play with his toys. 

Liam - After finding out you were 1 month and a half pregnant, things took a turn for the worse when you told your boyfriend Liam the news. "I understand that were both young but if that's your final decision the doors that way." And with that he walked out your door and also your life. 
~ 2 years later ~
"Lisa, come here baby," you call out to your 2 year old toddler. You were waiting for your friend at the park but while she got there you and Lisa were going to go for a walk. Lisa had taken her bouncy ball so she kept on throwing it and then would chase after it. "Sweetie please stop throwing it you're going to lose it." As you walked along the path you noticed a couple leaning against a tree. It brought back so many memories of when you and Liam would go to the park. You remembered your first kiss with Liam, you both were lying under the stars and then he leaned in and both your lips met. You suddenly came back to reality when you heard your daughter screaming. "Mommy ball is gone." "What did mommy tell you," you say hugging her. While you were helping your daughter look for her ball your friend Kristen called to tell you she couldn't make it. You didn't notice that Lisa had left your side until you saw her talking to a man. "Hey princess is this yours," the man says giving her the bouncy ball. "Thank you," she says grabbing the ball. As you got closer towards Lisa that man was no stranger it was Liam. He immediately recognized you, "Y/N is she..." "She's my daughter," you say interrupting him. "I'm sorry I left," he says with a sad expression. "Sorry doesn't cut it," you reply back. "I tried calling you but you never answered, and your mom said to not look for you anymore. But I can't live without you and my daughter." "I'm sorry I can't talk now," you say grabbing your daughter's hand. "It's Lisa right?!" "Yes!" your daughter reply's. "Can I give her a hug?" You nod your head while Liam embraces Lisa in a tight hug, you can't help but notice tears falling down Liam face. "Don't cry," she says cleaning his tears. "Please Y/N let me be part of her life and maybe yours. You both mean the world to me. I promise I'll never leave again, but please take me back. I miss you so much. Please". You just stood there trying to process everything that has happened. Just 10 minutes ago it was just you and Lisa but now Liam is back in the picture. "I'll give you a second chance not for me but for Lisa. Don't mess it up because this time I won't forgive you," you firmly state. "Thank you Y/N, I promise I'll try my best too not let you and this piece of heaven down," he says hugging her again.

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