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The Psychic Study


5. The Reunion

   The middle-aged, small woman in the doorway threw her arms around her daughter, tears running down her heart-shaped face uncontrollably, while the tall man stood there, a vacant expression on his face. Sierra smiled. Henry had let go of Cassi’s hand and was backing to where Cyrus was now standing. I followed, allowing Sierra to sit. Standing by Cyrus, I watched at Cassi was reunited with her parents, who just two years ago had sent her to an Institute which got her here. But I guess she wasn’t thinking of that, not that I’m going to look. I knew the one thing I’d hear what I didn’t want to, was her lovey, touchy feelings towards Henry. No thank-you. As I went to stand by the wall, Cassi turned her head away.

     I felt mine and Cyrus’ bodies shudder as the backs of our hands made contact. God, I really affected him! And he affected me in a way I could only explain as an adrenaline rush effect. My whole side was tingling. His hand was twitching, silently telling me what it wanted. I slipped my hand fittingly into his one, numbing the tingling down instantly. He squeezed it tightly. The pressure on my hand was the same as the one that had started in my chest; it felt like someone was clutching my heart. I knew it had the same effect on him as it did me by the way his hand never loosened in mine. I could feel my fingers going numb with the force he was holding them, but I didn’t care. I squeezed back.

     While I gripped Cyrus, Cassi hugged her dad. He wrapped his arms around his daughters back, pulling her into a tight hug. Her mom had went to stand by Sierra’s chair, though never once did her eyes leave Cassi, not once. She couldn’t stop apologising for how badly she’d treated her. Cassi seemed too happy to care, taking Henry’s hand again and holding it. I smiled. Her parent’s eyes were like daggers as they saw it.

‘Mrs Noëlon, we were just saying that Cassi should be out of here in a few days. Don’t you think?’ I asked. The woman’s face turned towards us for the first time. Something in her eyes made me look down. Something in her eyes told me she had no intensions of getting Cassi out of here.

‘Well, no. I spoke to one of the doctors and they said they need to check to see if she hasn’t had any brain trauma. They’re moving her to another ward soon. But she’s awake, that’s what matters.’ Cassi’s eyes widened at the thought of a new ward. She already hated this one. Cyrus tightened his grip on my hand, causing me to look at him. My hand was really hurting now.

I need a coffee, or else I’m going to be the one sleeping in that bed in a minute! His thoughts shot to my head with painful force. I rubbed my head, holding in a laugh at his attempt at humour. Henry had sensed that, I could tell by the way he was glaring at Cyrus, as if he’s hurt me. Which he had, but not meaningfully. He loosened his hold on my hand, wrapping he arm around me from the side.

    Making our way to the edge of the room, me and Cyrus told them we were going for drinks and walked arms around eachother down the white coloured corridors. Cyrus leading the way to the café, they sat in the far corner. Cyrus’ face was pale. I reached across the table and took his hand in mine. I asked him what was wrong. He shook his head. I asked again. He gave a growl of frustration. I flinched back.

‘There isn’t any bond between them and Cassi! The bond has been broken, not with the sister, but the parents!’ Cyrus was really angry! And even if he wasn’t with Cassi in that way, the feelings are still there. I sighed. God, was Cassi all he thinks about?

‘The bonds between families are complicated, Cy. With separation comes distance, and Cassi hadn’t seen her parents for over two years, or heard their voices. Anyway, Cassi’s happy to have them here, and us. She wants us here too. Besides, there’s a lot to be happy about.’ I looked at him now, seeing his face was calm now. His fingers were making circles on the backs of my hands. His head slowly rose and his eyes looked up to meet my own. His had a very rare, sweet expression on his face, the expression I’d fell in love with to start with.

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