Chapter 29

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Slowly, I made my way over to the portrait hole and frowned- not exactly sure I was going to like who was behind that door, but fighting against my urge to walk away and be done with it, I pushed the door open and was mildly surprised. "L-Leo? What are you doing here?"

Smiling politely, he crawled through the portrait hole and came inside, his Durmstrang robes snapping elegantly as he stood once more and brushed himself off. He cleared his throat and got on one knee in front of me, everyone else watching silently behind the two of us. Lightly taking my hand into his, he said: "Dear Elizabeth. Will you do me the honor of going to the Yule Ball with me, Leo Medivk?" He peered up at me, as gentlemanly as possible. {A/N: Pic of Leo is on the side ;) isn't he cute??}

Shocked, I looked up and around the room, searching for Jenna- wasn't she planning on asking Leo herself? Jenna gave me an excited look and egged me on, mouthing how she would explain everything later.

Turning my eyes back on to him, I smiled lightly. "Yeah, sure! Thank you." He grinned up at me and laid a quick peck on my hand, shocking me. With that he got up and bowed at us all, then sent me a wave. "I'll meet you here before the dance." He smiled nicely, then he was gone just as quickly as he came.

Slowly I turned around to look at Jenna and Lana with a raised brow. "The hell was that about?" I put my hand on my hip. "I thought you were going to ask him?"

"Yeah, I was- but on my way to ask him....Some one else asked me." She mumbled guiltily. "So, then I asked him if he would go with you because I knew you would refuse to go if you didn't have a date and I knew you were never going to ask anyone."

Lana raised a hand quietly trying to interrupt Jenna's babbling, a frown etched on her face. "Okay, that's nice and all but who asked you?" She looked accusingly at Jenna and I thought about it as well.

" were totally obsessed with Leo- who would you have said yes to other than hi-" My mind flashed back a month or two to the first day of Advanced Potions. Jenna had been drooling over one guy in particular. "JENNA!" I screamed, realizing who she was going to the Yule Ball with.

She cringed and make a run for the stairs, forgetting that they had been transfigured into a slide. "No, no please don't hurt me you don't understand!" She screamed, running slowly up the slide, she fell and picked herself up, then attempted to run up the slide once more. 

"Explain, then." Lana put a hand on her hips, I noticed the others giving us weird looks of confusion, not understanding who we were talking about.

Jenna slid down the slide and sat at the base grumpily, looking at her hands. "Well...he's just so pretty you guys! And he just asked me out of the blue- you know how bad I am at saying no! He just smirked at me, he looked so confident and I just had to say yes, Draco is just too powerful for my simple mind." She pouted sarcastically.

Ron jumped up at this. "Whha?! Malfoy, you're going with Malfoy!" Hermione's brows shot up, slightly confused and Harry just shook his head. Ron's ears burned a little. "Well, you tell that little prick that he's not allowed to sit with us."

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