the ending?

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a/n hey guys first of all sorry this is so short ill update as soon as i can and also i think im going to just give up on this story ill upload the last chapter sometime in a week or so, thank you so much for everyone who reveiwed cause thats seriously the only reason i didnt give up sooner. anyways enjoy.

Hallie. Gosh just her name alone can make me smile. For the past few weeks ive been spending a lot of time with her, and its amazing. I never would have dream that in such the short time we have spent together that we would have so much fun. And she really is the sweetest thing ever. No one, not even clea, has made me feel like this before. She makes me feel like I can fly, up up up in the sky like a bird. Or kite, a kite gliding, floating, off the ground. Like nothing can hurt me. She makes me forget about all the pain clea has put me through, all those years I yearned for her love, for her attention. But now I have someone else, someone possibly even better, giving me all this, everything I ever wanted, she is everything I wished clea had been. Of course in the back of my mind clea is always there, always in the darkest corners of my heart, always hidden away in some part of me. She’ll always be a part of me, a part ill never be able to leave behind, a part I cant live with or without. She’s the worst part of myself, everything I try not to be, everything I try not to want, not to need. And no matter how much it hurts me, how much it breaks my heart and shatters my insides, I will always love her. Theres no denying it. I can never forget her, but being with hallie for just a few days has made me realize that even though I love clea, even though I can give my everything to her, she wont, cant love me back how I want. Im not giving up not her, no never. But theres a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough. Im tired, im so so tired of putting up with her, all her teasing, all my tears, I cant keep living like this. I left her. She said once I can leave whenever I want, go wherever I please, that she wouldn’t stop me. And she didn’t. she stood there, in my doorway while I packed my bags with the few things I had. Her face. It was emotionless. I knew she didn’t care about me but I at least to see some type of reaction, I guess I never did mean anything to her. As I was walking out I gave one last look then left. I knew I would miss her. I still do, sometimes at night I still stare at the night sky and wondering if we’re looking at the same thing. She may be too far away for me to kiss, but she’s close enough so that we can share the same stars.

       Hallie and zubair said I could travel the world with them. Which was great, they were great. Zubair loves having me around and he’s like the big brother I always wished I had, he’s adorable and lovable in every way. And hallie. Shes amazing. Shes done everything to make me feel right at home with them. She’s simply amazing. She’s helped get over everything clea has put me through, she’s helped me forget, and move on. I love her. And she’s shown me that she loves me back. In every little thing she does, a good morning kiss, a little glance, holding my hand. In everything she does, she puts her heart into it, I can feel all the love she has, its never ending. And I happy. I love her even more for it. It makes me realize just how lucky I am to have her and I tell her that everyday, every night, every chance I get. I need her to know how important and special she is to me, because without her I wouldn’t be who I am now, id still be the afraid girl I was when I was with clea. Id be awkward, insecure and not truly happy with who I am. Ive realize that I needed to change, for me. To make myself a better person, a stronger person. And being with haille has allowed me to grow, to find myself, to create a better version of me. Ive loved clea but ive learned to love myself more, and now I can finally be happy. with hallie by my side.

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