Hey guys! Long time no speak ;D

I've been thinking recently, *GASP* *SHOCK* *HORROR* yes indeed ;), about an idea for a new story. I know I've already got two unfinished stories in my profile, but I have such strong ideas for a new one! Perhaps I should finish those two first, what do you guys think? Otherwise it will be too much work, but I'm worried that I'll get writer's block and completely forget all my ideas for my new story! If you haven't already, PLEASE check out my Batman fanfiction I'm writing! I'd love it to become as popular as my Tom Daley one! But I'd appreciate reads, comments and possibly votes too, and I would like to enter it into a possible Wattpad contest what do you think? Or my Tom one.....possibly..... I want my profile to have a wider-range of stories as possible. I already have a celebrity story, a fantasy story, so now how 'bout a romance one, with a possible horror coming soon..!?

My idea that I have, is to write a student/teacher relationship story. I have some sort of 'obsession' with reading these kinds and I've come across so many good ideas, and based out of my own personal experiences (NOTE:I HAVE NOT BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A TEACHER, I'VE JUST HAD SOME PRETTY STRONG CRUSHES), I'd like to put into my own perspective of how I 'feel' about this certain teacher at my school. Only a couple of people know about this crush and how strong it is, so I feel like I need to express my feelings, anonymously, with strangers (a.k.a you awesome peeps ;)) just so I can breathe, in a sense, at last, and I know that also so many people out there also have strong feelings for particular teachers in their schools too.

I know, to some of you, this idea may sound a bit odd, a little weird and pervy (XD) but it's natural to have these kinds of feelings, and I think that teacher/student romance stories have the chance to be really and truly beautiful (like Don't Let Go by Definitely, I suggest you strongly go and check this story out right now if you haven't already. Ellie is such a fantastic writer and the ending made me cry for reals, I was up, from 10:30pm to 5:00am reading the story I was that gripped to it).

So what do you guys think? Should I go for it? Or is the whole concept simply too out of my league?

Please get back to me ASAP(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with (optional) ideas and actors/actresses to star in it! ALL COMMENTS WILL BE APPRECIATED! 

Thanks and take care my beauts

-A. Xx

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